Loss of smell and taste returning

enjoyingspringMarch 30, 2013

Two years ago this May I had a very bad sinus infection and as a result lost my smell and taste. Went to all sorts of doctors but they said they couldn't do anything. Finallly went to an algergist last fall and he put me on algery medication and 50mg of time released zinc. He said it would take 6 months to start showing any results. Finally 3 weeks ago I started to smell things and taste a few things, not much but it is a start, he said he didn't think it would return to what I had before but just smelling a few things makes me so happy. It is so awful not smelling or tasting your food, but it is a good way to lose weight. haha

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About 8 years ago my taste was begining to go, at first I wasn't aware of it, but things begain to taste bad, even chocolate, I couldn't eat it at all. A little at a time I lost all of my taste, it lasted for almost 8 years. I have just started to be able to tatse most things now..That was also the beginning of my weight loss, my DH passed away and I lost my taste. I called it my grief diet.

Don't give up, you''ll be tasting and smelling things soon.

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I feel for both of you!

Eight years ago, I ended up in the hospital many times with Addisonian crisis. The last time, they ended up giving me tons of fluids, and within a few days, I'd gained 25 pounds of water weight, which had to be taken off with diuretics after the crisis had passed.

The diuretics took away my sense of taste and smell, though I didn't realize at the time that this was the culprit. Mine were only lost for a month or so, until my doctors figured out what the problem was and game me something else, but it was just awful, so depressing.

I'm glad both of you have some taste and smell back.

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Zinc really is amazing. I am prone to hair loss, rosacea and dermatitis. As long as I keep up my zinc these all disappear. For my slight redness I use Penaten (zinc diaper cream) on my face and all the redness is gone until morning or until I eat something my body doesn't like.

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Enjoying, didn't I hear that zinc can cause loss of taste/smell? Perhaps I am wrong if it is working for you! I can imagine how thrilled you are to be smelling (using your nose, :) ) again.

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What wonderful news for you both, and a great Easter presant!

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wonder if it might help dh..he made the horrible mistake of using vicks in his nose...so can't smell...it's been a really long time...would have to if the zinc would mess up any of his meds...

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