Paint fumes will not go away :(

srn123August 21, 2011

Oh I am so glad to find this forum. I hope you can help.

A few months ago I moved here, and the closets were painted. I do not know what was used, but the smell will not go away despite my ongoing and costly efforts. There are no windows in there unfortunately, but I have been keeping my bedroom window open, and a couple of oscilating fans have been running in there. I have tried everything to remove the odors. Weird suggestions of cut up onions, baking soda and vinegar in bowls, and even using both to clean the walls down. Lysol, bleach, soap and water, OdoBan, oxi clean, vanilla extract in a bowl. It works for a couple of hours and then its right back again.

So yesterday I couldnt take it anymore and decided to go with a tip to repaint. BIG mistake. I used glidden satin/eggshell, I tried doing one built in shelf.... man that is SO strong again.

Can someone PLEASE help me. I cant handle this anymore and Im at my wits end here.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

They were painted months ago??Paint is paint and it is going to smell like paint but after months, even oil based paint smell should hve dissapated. You got me.

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Is this a Home or Apartment/Condo??

* If it's the latter, there MAY be someone to contact to find out what was used.
* If it's a HOME, contact previous owners.
* No cans left behind anywhere?!

Some possibilities:
Old paint, paint blended-off will expired paint, frozen paint blended with useable paint, etc.

* Sounds goofy, but see if you can literally pull off the paint layers!! If no/little prep was done, this MAY be a possibility! In THIS case, I'd try this first!!!
* Air exchange is KEY.
* Rent/buy a Dehumidifier and run it in that room for a week.
* Is there any moldy smell? Where in the home is this room?


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