smoking around pets... do you?

vacuumfreakJanuary 10, 2007

I have never smoked in my life. I actually used to think of smokers as people of inferior intelligence, almost subhuman. So, I am working on not being so judgemental because I am sure there are things I do that others do not approve of. I am still shocked every time I see a mother or father in a car with children puffing away. I don't understand why these people don't just tape their children's mouths to their car exhaust, if they want death that badly. Just wondering if people view smoking around pets the same as around children. I know there are some responsible smokers (I know, an oxymoron like "friendly fire, or humane execution") that go outside for their kids. I wonder if the people who smoke also go out for their pets. Pets are alive and have to breathe, and are also subject to second hand smoke. Have any of you ever heard of a story of a pet who got cancer from their owner's addiction? Do you know someone who actually goes out for their pets? I hope that people actually view their pets as something alive and give them the same respect they would a child. I don't expect people who don't go out for their kids to go out for their dogs or cats or snakes either, so that will not surprise me. Thanks!

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I know of someone who smokes heavily. It's gross what the smoke is doing to the inside of the house.

They have a dog that had a severe infection and had to have surgery. I wonder if the smoke caused it.

On the same note. I think smoking is gross. I won't allow it in my house. Yes I am a former smoker, quit 30 years ago. Personally, I also think smokers hate themselves, smoking just adds to the problem. It's just a slow form of suicide.


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My thoughts exactly... I have been shocked at the number of people who think I am a bad person because of my vehement stand against the issue... of course I must take their opinions with a grain of salt... they are the ones polluting our air and streets and raising health care costs. One of the most selfish and desctuctive things anyone can do and I'm the freak for being against it... yeah right!

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Some of the most intelligent people I've ever met were smokers. It's not their fault they were lured in by a cartoon camel shaped like a penis and remained hooked due to the addictive properties of the cigarettes. With that said smoking inside near children or loved ones such as pets isn't very considerate. You can't blame Phil & RJ for that laziness. I'm afraid there's only one solution and that's to ban the sale of cigarettes and to offer free cessation aides. Heck we might even see a brief period of increased military enrollment!

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As a now non smoker who used to I feel awful that I once smoked around my kids. I was never sucked in by any adds tho, as most smokers probably weren't. I have never been swayed by advertising, especially tv nor radio ads. Slick packaging does catch my eye tho!

I caPTURED A MONKEY WHILE IN THE JUNGLES OF SE aSIA, IT WAS A YOUNG ONE AND WE KEPT HER AS A MASCOT, she got along just fine, she liked to smoke one now and then so we gave them to her, except she couldnt figure out how to light them so we had to do that for her.

Thinking only lesssor intellegent people smoke(d) really kind of shows your observation skills are lacking!

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Very true falconfowl... it takes a great deal of intelligence to catch a cancer stick on fire and stick it in your face... and then be a slave to dead leaves! Sure hope this debate stays about pets!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Well, I really don't relate smoking to intelligence or lack of it, but I do consider smoking to be way below drinking as far as bad habits are concerned.

I do guess though that drinking around a pet would not be near as harmful, unless one got drunk and abusive.

Just my 2 cents.

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Well, thank god you're not being judgemental.

I'm the only human in my apartment, but I usually go outside to smoke. Concern for my cat is part of it -- the old guy would wheeze sometimes after I'd had parties -- but I also do it because I don't like the smell of a lot of smoke in my home.

A clearer example of my attitude as a pet owner came when I was a kid. Shortly after it was revaled that carbon tetrachloride was being dumped in the Ohio River, my mother tried to get the family to switch to bottled water. It was too much of a hassle to get the bottled water out everytime I wanted a drink, but I very conscientously got it out and refilled my cat and dog's water bowl every day!

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I am now a non-smoker (the most hypocritical :) I have not smoked in over 6 months and never smoked around my children or animals. I never smoked in my home either. As a groomer that is one odor that is so difficult to get out of a pet. I have found a few tricks that will help but give me a skunked dog any day!

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I never smoked in my life nor has anyone in my generation and after in our family. My father's generation all smoked and died of lung cancer so it's a no brainer. One of my cats I sort of rescued even tho she was born in this house and was not mistreated. But even tho it was 14 years ago, I remember how thick the smoke was in the house. So her little lungs never had any smoke from that day foward nor have any of my cats. In fact no one has ever smoked in a house I owned.

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I'm pretty used to being called subhuman. :)

Yes,I go ahead and tell me now how bad it is,I'm gonna die,etc.

I'm a light smoker,About 5 a day,but those five I count on alot.

I do NOT smoke in my house,but outside on the porch. I also do not smoke in the car,so maybe I'm a considerate smoker as you refered too...and yes,we do exsist.

Try not to blame smokers though.I saw on the news the other day it is more addicting then HEROINE! I was like,no wonder I cant quit!! If they made an easier way to quit,I'd do it in a heartbeat.But last time I thought I was gonna kill someone or myself when I quit...I have tried many times,and will try many more times to quit.Have tried cold turkey (lasted 3 months) The patch (only two weeks!) and the gum (lasted about 3 months again)

But no,I dont smoke around my pets or child.Or even in the house cuz I cant stand the way it makes things smell.

However,it is my ONLY VICE,and everyone has one.Whether it's over eating or drinking or smoking or sex. But I respect others lungs and dont do it around them.

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Just wanted to add that obesity also causes health care costs to rise,and you dont see them banning over eating.Another post says 1 in 3 people are overweight!

I dont think smoking should be allowed in resturants,the beach,or other places that it causes an annoyance to others.But in the privacy of my own home,outside on my porch,I feel i should be allowed to do as I choose.

I keep saying that instead of critisizing smokers,they need to create a more effective way to help people quit.If it was easy,there wouldnt be any smokers.

I wasnt lured in by adds,but pressured to by my friends when I was young. I have simply just had a hard time breaking the

And I disagree that smoking is worse then drinking alcohol too.Try having a bunch of alcoholics in your life that do bad things.

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The cartoon camel thing was a joke. Of course it is social pressures. I don't call them peer pressure because nobody has ever said to me, "come on try this, try this, try this" but instead you see the cool people doing it, the cool movie stars doing it on the silver screen or even in real life.

So it needs to be a multi-step plan that first needs to stop advertising and by advertising, I don't mean Joe Camel on a billboard or Marlboro Miles incentive programs. I mean stop product placement in the movies. Stop those horsecrap commercials for Philip Morris smoker information websites. Anyone who's ever smoked knows that just thinking of quitting makes you want to light up. And here's a little advice, don't take advice on quitting from the same dillwads who got you hooked in the first place. Starting to think that banning it in bars is a good idea and the products need to be made unavailable. Employers need to allow at least a two week leave for people needing to quit. The gov't needs to offer reimbursement for cessation aids. If FEMA will reimburse -anyone who asks- for generators after a hurricane then they can sure as heck do this too.

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I know that people drink and overeat as well... but when they do it, the substances are going into their own body. Smoking is an activity that is done ON PURPOSE, that directly affects the air of people who enjoy breathing/living (non-smokers). Not to mention the people that start fires, or litter the ground with their cartons and butts. The point of the post is just to remind people that animals have to breathe too, and if you would go out for your child the same respect should be given to pets. Just because they aren't human doesn't mean they aren't alive! This poster was in my health class when I was in 6th grade... gotta love it.

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I used to smoke around my pets, but not since 1986. Eventually I quit for two years and got pregnant with DD. That pregnancy is probably the reason I didn't start smoking sooner. Between pregnancy and quitting smoking, I gained 40 lbs. and never got over the craving for nicotine. By that time I had been smoking 18 years and it was a full-blown addiction.. not habit.. addiction.

Thank goodness for the invention of such things as nicotine patches, wellbutrin, bupropion, etc. All these things have helped many people kick the addiction. I've used it all, quit smoking many times, and am sure that the time will come when I too will be a permanent non-smoker.

I don't like to be judgemental and strive to not be so under any circumstances. However, judging others is human and we all do it. It's wrong to submit your children and pets to cigarette smoke as well as the public. None of us would allow alcoholics to lace our drinks in restaurants with liquor.

It's my hope that in the future cigarettes will be unlawful and the smoking population will drop drastically. Can you imagine a world where one may get arrested for possession of cigarettes? Not many people begin smoking as adults and we all know that teenagers often make choices that have lifelong consequences.

I believe that many more smokers these days are "considerate" because of years and years of awareness but many people still feel that if they're in a "smoking zone", it's their right. And it is. Non smokers have the right to stay out of these zones, and the right to choice their friends and employees (in most cases) on whether or not they smoke. Personally, I believe many smokers -can be- more unproductive than a non smoker for simply reasons such as sneaking off for a smoke break, more illnesses.

Got way off topic, but an important subject!

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I think the real reason ex-smokers feel strongly about smoke-free public areas isn't because of health reasons, it's because everytime you see/smell it, you want to have one too. Admit it.

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If a smoker is not concerned about their own lung health, why do you think they would worry about an animal's??

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Coolmama, I had no idea there was someone out there just like me. I suddenly feel less...strange :)

I smoke. I never smoke in my house; I never smoke in my car. I never smoke around kids. And if I am standing in a group of adults I will ask before I light up and all you have to do is say, "Yes, I do mind if you smoke..." and the pack goes back into my handbag. And, no, I don't roll my eyes and groan...if smoking bothers someone I certainly don't want to challenge that.

As far as my animals go, I never smoke around them either. I see smoking as my baggage and others should not be forced to deal with it.

And, contrary to other opinions expressed in this post, I do care about the health of the people and animals around me. Which is why I am considerate of when and where I smoke.

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Originally posted by nycefarm:
If a smoker is not concerned about their own lung health, why do you think they would worry about an animal's??

Possibly because every smoker who has posted on this thread has said that they are?

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I think the real reason ex-smokers feel strongly about smoke-free public areas isn't because of health reasons, it's because everytime you see/smell it, you want to have one too. Admit it

quirky - I don't know if you're a smoker or ever been an ex-smoker but there is some truth to that especially in the early stages of quitting.

However, unless you've never smoked or been an ex-smoker, you have no idea how awful smelling cigarette smoke is. When I quit, it nearly made me sick to smell it in laundry or the car... and I wasn't just being dramatic either! :)

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Well I can see this one hit a certain nerve!!!!!

The only other thought I have about smokers: What other bad habits do you have that can't be broken???? If you can't break this one, others must be haunting you also....


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SG - I wish you would have gotten the point from some of the other posts about smoking not being a habit... it's an addiction, and as coolmama pointed out, one that is harder than a heroin addiction to kick.

And, maybe the day will come when we'll have the Franklin D Roosevelt Hospital For Nicotine Addiction. Or the Peter Jennings Center. Every city has centers for treating other addictions such as alcoholism and drugs.

My other bad habits... procrastination, chewing my bottom lip, picking off nailpolish... certainly nothing "haunting".

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I used to smoke, I have been smoke free for 7 years. Since I met my husband and watched his step mother die of lung cancer... at 58. It was a gruesome death.

I will get back on topic in a sec, I just wanted to make a quick comment. I wanted to say that I truly appreciate the actions of people like cindyb_va and coolmama, thank you. Not only does the smell offend non smokers, but it really can make it hard on ex-smokers!

I did one to make one point though. Cindyb_va, you said, "if smoking bothers someone I certainly don't want to challenge that." Do you have children, a husband, siblings, parents, or anyone one else that is very close to you? I mean this with the utmost respect and am not trying to attack (and am sure you have heard it before). But, I am sure it would bother them to watch you die a painful and early death. As much as it is difficult to lose a loved one to death unexpectadly early (i.e. car crash) it is another thing to watch them die a slow and painful death. Just a thought...

Back on topic now! My mom is a smoker and has been my whole life. Recently when we were visiting she went outside to smoke (we were at my house), I followed her out a few minutes later. She was very amussed by the fact that my Jack Russell Terrier was "chasing" and bitting at the smoke. I encouraged my JRT to stop and told my mom that if 2nd hand smoke is bad for humans it must certainly be bad for animals. She agreed and said I should do some research on it. (Research is my middle name, LOL). I did and I found out that 2nd hand smoke does cause greater instances of certain types of cancer in our pets. Their have been recent studies proving this.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that dogs in smoking households had a 60 percent greater risk of lung cancer; a different study published in the same journal showed that long-nosed dogs, such as collies or greyhounds, were twice as likely to develop nasal cancer if they lived with smokers.

A Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine study found that cats who were subjected to Second Hand Smoke (AKA environmental tobacco smoke - ETS) have a greater incidence of squamous cell carcinoma (an oral cancer). Cats living with 2 or more smokers and/OR with ETS for mroe the 5 years had an even higher incidence rate.

The University of Massachusetts in Amherst also found that cats exposed to ETS have a slightly elevated risk of developing malignant lymphoma, or cancer of the lymph nodes. Since the lymph nodes filter the blood, inhaled or ingested carcinogens can build up in these structures.

ETS is signifgantly associated with nasal sinus cancer and weakly associated with lung cancer. At Colorado State a study found a higher incidence of nasal cavity tumors in dogs exposed to ETS than in dogs that live in non-smoking households. This higher incidence was specifically found amongst long-nosed breed dogs such as Collies, and there was no significant increase in nasal tumors amongst short- to medium-nosed dogs exposed to ETS.

Bassicaly, since the nose is longer it has a greater surface area for carcinogens to be deposited on. The longer nose has more cells then a shorter one and therefore and greater probaility that they can be mutated by carcinogens into cancer cells.

This same study determined that there is a greater incidence of nasal tumors in dogs with short - medium length noses that are subjected to ETS. They also have a greater incidence of lung cancer then the long nosed breeds. It is speculated the reasoning is because the carcinogens have a shorter distance to travel before reaching the lungs.

ETS has also been linked to lung cancer in avians. Birs have very sensitive respirarory systems. ETS can cause lung irritations that result in pneumonia or lung cancer. ETS can also leave birds susceptible to heart disease, infertility, and eye problems. Another problem birds have if their owner smokes is contact dermatitis. Which is a result of the bird coming into contact with smoke residue on objects, such as its perch or its owners clothes.
It is suspected that since cats groom themselves quite regularly, they can lick up carcinogens that have been deposited on their fur. Daily grooming over a long period of time can expose the delicate skin in the mouth to hazardous amounts of carcinogens.

Finally, of course, there is always the risk of your pet eating ciggerates and/or butts. This can cause nicotine poisoning which can lead to death in a short amount of time.

So, needless to say, my pet are no longer allowed to be around second hand smoke regularly!

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the-adams asked, "Cindy, Do you have children, a husband, siblings, parents, or anyone one else that is very close to you?

Answer...nope, totally on my own. And I agree with you, it hurts to watch someone die a slow painful death due to breast cancer too (been there, done that). Long painful deaths are always difficult on the my case it took nearly seven years for my mother to die (and, no, she never smoked, never drank, was not overweight, never had any "bad habits"). And by 59, she was dead.

IMHO I don't smoke enough for it to be a health issue, less than 5 cigarettes a day and some days none. I have not been ill in five years, even with a cold. I run 3 miles, 3-4 times a week and am in great health.

Back to topic: The information you cite is why I do not smoke around my animals. But it really is only common cigarette of smoke for a 120lb woman has much less of an impact than one cigarette of smoke for a 40lb dog...or a 10lb cat...or a 3lb bird.

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Yes,smoking is a risk...but as I mentioned so are over-eating,drinking,and even not wearing your seatbelt.Life is full of risks. Sure,smoking is a risk some think you'd be better off not taking.

But quirky was right many of us start as teens and are just unable to quit as time goes on.

I was presurred seriously to smoke.I was the only non-smoker out of all my friends...and they couldnt stand that fact,so they kept telling to have one.One day I just gave in.

I wouldnt subject anyone to second hand smoke,because it is more harmful then actual smoke you're inhaling.That includes my pets.
But to say cigerettes are the main form of pollution is laughable. You can get cancer from the goverment burning trash in incinerators and whether or not you smoked doesnt make a bit of difference.

Where I live Baltimore has like one of the third highest states for cancer deaths. And..they have huge incinerators.

I think people shouldnt smoke around kids or pets.I also wish non-smokers (who never smoked) would realize quitting is not that simple.Some people say it's one of the hardest things they've ever tried to do.

And...I have no other bad habits except for staying up too late.

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I just can't resist ONE last word on the smoking issue.

First of all, if you smoke, all will agree it's bad for you. That said, even if the habit is tougher to kick than heroin (which I have heard it is), if you REALLY wanted to stop, you would. If you want sympathy for killing yourself slowly, you have come to the wrong person.

Stopping a bad habit and making "spiritual corrections" takes GUTS. Something I guess I have, because I put huge amounts of work into both endeavors.

Finally. At 54 years of age, I am one of the few in my generation that can actually say with all honesty, that I have never tried any kind of drug, aside from cigarettes, that left my life over 30 years ago. And NO I don't crave them when I smell smoke, God knows with all of the HELL I've been through the past 12 months, if I was going to start again, I would have.

And yes, I do have a bad habit. It chocolate. I put on 10 pounds over the holiday's, and am not working on taking if off. I've already lost 3 of them.


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Take some satisfaction in that there are health benefits to certain chocolates(Doves is a good one).

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When I used to smoke I never gave it any thought but did not have a dog then. I always smoked on the sly and never in my house. Answer now is no I wouldn't.

Spiritual gardening, shame on you people wanting to stop smoking need support not pious remark!!! You stopped when you were young like my age so you had a habit not adiction. My dad stopped smoking before his accident that killed him and he had all my support. He thought about smoking all the time for a long time before he died.

Moonie57 you can stop smoking I know you can. Keep trying and it will work for you eventually. Stopping takes love and support and mebbe a doctor, not always mountains of will power or GUTS cuz its not all cut and dry. I know your strong cuz you keep trying. Coolmama, with the gum and the patches you can stop smoking too. I know you can and wish you the best if you decide to stop. I am glad you don't smoke around your pets.

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I smoke, and I do hate it. I just watched my uncle die of respirtory failure and heart failure, not a pretty thing to see either.
I am stupid and I will admit it, I started at 18, at 19 I got pregnant and quit cold turkey, started back up the day I came home from the hospital, got pregnant with my 2nd when I was 25, quit again this time longer as I breast fed him, when I went back to work, I was around a bunch of people that smoked (transmission factory, about 90% of the plant smoked) so I started again. I always smoke outside and never in the car and I also am very obsevent of who I am smoking around, even down at the bus stop there is a lady that don't smoke, so I refrain while we are standing togather, I don't smoke around my pets, in fact this is very interesting because I have been wondering what the effects are on animals and when I sit out on my swing with the Giz laying next to me I make sure I don't blow smoke on him.
one of my friends is a HEAVY smoker, her house smells when I walk in and if I, just finishing a cig before I walk in can smell it... (I don't smoke in ANYONES house even if they smoke) she has COPD and still smokes, she has Miniture long haired Chihuahuas, one of them is constantly doing that backward sneeze thing, I really think it is from the smoke, Pearljam my mini Chihuahua hates smoke, if I pick her up to bring her in while I am smoking she struggles to get away, so I know animals don't like the way it smells. I am trying to quit, cut it down to less then 1/2 pack a day in 2 months! (was at a pack and a half before Donnies death) I actually don't like the way they even taste any more, so it should be easy right? wrong. but I am trying, my lungs hurt, and at 32 that is not a good thing, I promised myself and my husband I would quit before I was 30, well I fudged that one, now I have a 11 year old telling me he doesn't want to see me die like his Uncle, so I am making a huge effort.

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spirtual gardner,that''s funny I asked for any sympathy. I smoke because I want to.And when I'am ready,I will quit.But guess what? My life has been WAAAY too stressful to try right now.It is the only thing keeping me sane.

And the simple fact that you never tried any other drugs or anything shows you are lucky and dont have an addictive kind of behavior.My mom's family is alcoholics and my dad's are drug addicts,so if you ask me I'm lucky all I got addicted to was a cigerette.

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Back years ago, smoking was so common. People sat on juries and smoked, people smoked in movie theatres, people smoked in hospitals. My DD cannot believe people in my hospital room when I gave birth smoked when the babies were in there. As I said everyone except my mother in that generation smoked..her sisters, brother , father and and the same with all my other aunts and uncles. My neighbor just told me a good, good friend of his and an acquaintance of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer. He is 58 and has 30 days to live and smoked a couple packs a day. My grandson and I were at an exhibit recently where they had real lungs..non smoker and smokers and the latter were really black as coal. One reason to quit. Good luck to all who want to. I know it must be difficult.

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I am a non-smoker. Tried a few times as a teen and thought it was nasty, I couldn't believe how bad it tasted. This was what everyone was talking about?

Well, I married a smoker. He has tried to quit several times. He only smokes maybe 2-6 a day, which isn't too bad, but still not ideal. He never smokes inside or around the kids or pets. Sometimes if the dogs are out in the yard and he needs a cigarette, he will take a walk around the block. He avoids smoking in front of our kids at all costs, although the 4 year old does know he does it. Before touching the kids after a cig, he will wash his hands and use hand santizer. I really want him to quit, but I am thankful that he at least tries to minimize our exposure. I know it's super hard for him. We have a lot of friends that smoke, and he has a hard time being around them when he is trying to quit. All I can do is be supportive because I can't make him quit, but I hope one day he finds the strength to do so.

I have seen people smoke around pets and kids, and I think it is disgusting. I have seen people smoke pot around their pets in the past too, and I think that is just as bad.

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Last word on thie, swear.

If you really want to quit, just grab yourself and do it. Like I said, it takes guts and work. Obviously, something lots of people are lacking and wanting to do.


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Smoking less than 5 cigarettes a day triples your risk of heart disease than those that do not smoke. In men, it triples your chance of lung cancer. In women, it is five times higher.

I smoked for 10 years, it took me 2 years to quit. The patch worked for me (the 3rd attempt). I haven't had a cigarette in almost 3 years. Keep trying, I know how hard it is.

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Thanks for the enlightenment SG.

Interesting study, the adams. I wonder if the fact that cigarette smoke being heavier than air means that it settles to the ground, and exposes animals more to the second-hand products than himans -- who are 4-5 feet off the ground?

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I was thinking of quitting in the spring.I feel my biggest mistake is always trying to quit in the winter.The winter is depressing enough as it is and boring. I think my chances will go up in the spring when It's warm and I wont be stuck in the house craving for one.I'll be more out and about and wont think about it so much.
Last time I tried on New Years' and I'm never doin that one again! I hate winter...

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When I was a teenager I had a friend who hung around a 'bad crowd' I rode my bike with her over to their house so she could see her boyfriend, I watch a ignorant you know what take a drag off a Marijuana cigarette, pick up a cat and blow it straight in her face, he was laughing saying she liked it, she began to have seizures and died right there. It was horrible, but I tell you what I never wanted to be around the stuff after that, even left a ZZ Top concert because they were smoking it around me and laughed at me when I asked them to quit.
My brothers Father and Grandfather are all alcoholics, I do on occasions have a shot of schnopps, but I am very careful with it. My parents and their families all smoked, Mom quit finally, funny thing is my dad smokes on the sly, and I do the same thing, my kids know I do it, but I try to not let them see me doing it, like I am ashamed of it (which I am)

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What a sad story micke! That is certainly animal cruelty!!!
Cats brains are much smaller then ours,and something like that,even if it didnt kill them,can make them retarded for the rest of their lives.
If I had been there,I dont want to tell you what I'd have done to that guy!!!

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At the animal hospital where I worked, we've gotten several clients to quit smoking because it aggravated their cat's asthma. Whatever works IMHO!

I don't know of any case of cancer being in pets being caused by second hand smoke. But certainly respiratory diseases are made worse.

More pets die of cancer because their owners use pesticides and herbicides on a regular basis, even pets that are kept indoors only. Think about that before calling ChemLawn!

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I know this is an old thread, but had to comment. First let me say I'm a non smoker for the last 18 years. Had smoked for 35. You can quit, but it takes commitment and the patch!! With all the help today to quit, there is no reason to continue. Secondly, I use to smoke around my pets and now I won't adopt an animal to anyone who smokes in their home. Dogs and cats smell is so much more accute than ours. Can you imagine how nasty it must be for them to live in a cloud of smoke 24/7? I have a sister who stil smokes. Her animals, children and grandchildren all smell like smoke, but she doesn't care. Like someone said, if a smoker doesn't care about themselves, it's hard to imagine they will care about others. Of course there are some exceptions to that also I'm sure. That's my 2 cents worth on this subject.

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i was just wondering if smoking around dogs can give them cancer? my yellow lab just died of cancer and hated the smell of a cigarette. but when she moved in with us there were 3 people smoking at the time she would sneeze and have a hard time breathing. i just got another yellow lab for christmas and i was wondering if she could get cancer from my mom smoking? she can't stand the smell she does the same thing as my last dog. but the wont go outside unless the baby comes over that my sister has. i was just wondering so i can tell them to go outside. i'm on oxygen, have a lot of breathing problems and really sick. so that would be another reason for them to go outside if this is true.i want my lab to live long and help me with my diease. e-mail and let me know or if you would like to talk.

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Smoking around your pets is harmful period. It has and can cause lung cancer in parrots especially. It is also an irritant to them and causes them to pluck their feathers out due to stress. Birds can't handle stress or disease well and they die very easily from smoke inhalation.

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Brooke, if you're on oxygen and have other health problems, they really shouldn't be smoking around YOU.

That said, I'm a filthy smoker, and I use several air purifiers, "smokeless ashtrays", and have the windows at least half open year-round. My apartment is 99% ideal, but I don't have a balcony. I am on the sixth floor, so it's inconvenient (not impossible, and I know this) to go outside to smoke. I remember working in an animal shelter and vet hospitals and smelling the smokey pets that came in. I don't want my pets to be like that. We might go a little overboard with the windows (seriously, it's January, and we could probably hang raw meat in our living's COLD), but the air purifiers do a really good job. My friends and family (who wouldn't hold back on this subject) admit that my apartment does not smell like smoke.

So, yes it's bad, but yes, I do.

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I am a single mother of a 16 month old son and I also have a three year old yorkie named gizmo who is like my other child. I just want to say first of all, that anyone who smokes around a child is nothing but a selfish inconsiderate person. If you want to contaminate your lungs with disgusting chemicals that is your choice, but how dare you force an innocent child to contaminate themselves? Now that i got that off my chest, my mom smokes and before Dane, my son, was born, she would smoke in the house. Gizmo would go sit next to her and literally sneeze and just stare at her while she was smoking as if he was saying "please stop I don't like it." That being siad, i do believe that animals suffer from secondhand smoke and I think it is cruel to smoke around them and make them inhale the same sick and disgusting air that smokers breathe in.

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JenC, I'm not sure why you'd want to keep your windows open in cold weather and pay extra in your bills for the air purifiers when you could just go outside to smoke. If you live on the 6th floor, then you will smoke less if you make a no smoking rule in your house (because it's much easier to smoke more if you don't have to put your jacket on, walk down stairs, go outside, and walk back upstairs!).

Whether your house "smells" like smoke or not, you are subjecting your animals to second hand smoke. If it makes you feel better to say that you use all those gadgets and that your house is "cold", then so be it. But I think you know that it's not the right thing to do.

I don't think anyone here should make judgements against smokers (like I've seen in earlier posts on this thread), because that is someone's choice and their right, just like alcohol or basically ANY bad habit. However, don't impose this choice you made onto your animals. They are helpless and cannot tell you to stop smoking around them.

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