runswalken got me thinking(long article here)

HandyMacJanuary 10, 2009

and that may or may not be a good thing---(Smiley here)

I thank her for stimulating my curiosity.

Anyway, the discussion over pet food ingredients made me start looking and that led to several discoveries.

Her referrence to Ann Martins book gave rise to the term 'denaturing'. That is the process---according to Ann---of adding a chemical to renderings that makes it unuseable for human consumption. Of course, the way Ann writes, that process is terrible. However, humans cannot eat anything close to what animals can-----that fact was convienently left out.

Anyway, I am researching that process---'denaturing'.

Come to find out, denaturing happens when we cook/prepare almost any food. A hard boiled egg is made possible because of the denaturing process.

So, I found the following article on the subject.


There are some examples of terrible experiments---on both dogs and humans included.

The article is referrenced below

Here is a link that might be useful: Denaturizing foods

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Keep in mind thou handy mac, Humans are domesticated- have been for far longer then any other species. 60 thousand years ago we still cooked meat, 60 thousand years ago domestic cats and dogs didn't even exist- they were wildcats and wolves. Being that and that we naturally have such longevity anyway its really more of an issue with those who are "closer" to their primitive pasts. A cat and dog, is closer to its "native roots" Humans cannot crossbreed with chimps( our closest to in DNA, ) but domestic dogs can cross with wolves and domestic cats, can cross with wildcats,both to product viable offspring.

I'm not saying humans do not benefit from such a diet its just that you get more leeway with more advanced forms of life... the study killed mice and dogs, it did not kill people. Maybe it would have if allowed to, heaven forbid,but I don't think so.

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