Keeping Squirrels off Squirrel Proof Feeder

secsteveJanuary 29, 2011

I previously had one of these feeders which worked well until it came apart. This new one is the same type, but the squirrels are all over it and I'm at my wits end trying to stop them.

They climb up the narrow pole and then hang down from the top and dig out the feed and throw it on the ground.

I've tried greasing the pole about half way up and then all the way and it only stops them for a short time.

Any other suggestions?

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One thing I've tried but sadly, it only works for a short time is this: Spray the pole and every place the squirrels may touch with oily cooking spray. Then sprinkle it HEAVILY with red pepper. They really hate red pepper. The rain will wash it all away and red pepper is NOT cheap in the bigger containers, but it works. I mostly use it when I'm at my wit's end just to get the satisfaction of watching them try to get to the seed but can't.
If someone could come up with a good reliable and affordable solution to this, they could make a lot of money! We've tried all the squirrel baffles, supposedly squirrel proof feeders, etc. but they always find a way around it.

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take a old 33 record and put it on the string/wire that you are hanging the feeder from the record should be right on top of the feeder.When thye step on the record it tips them right off. Works like a charm

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This works great for us.
Have not had a single squirrel get a single seed except what the birds throw down to the ground.

It is the squirrel buster plus feeder, even IF a squirrel gets to the feeder it closes on him before they can get anything, but so far they cant even get that far.

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