Man Bites Dog

oakleifJanuary 22, 2007

I have a neice-in-law that bit her dogs ear hard because, she said "It shows them who's boss"

Actually i think she lost her temper and abused the dog.

I googled Man Bites Dog and came up with 4 info,s

A man in Alaska almost bit his dogs ear off. The man did jail time.

A man in Great Briton bit his dog. don't remember what happened to him.

A women in Florida did jail time.

Pet activests protested the showing of the movie

Snow Dogs because The star of the show bit his dogs ear. I saw the show and loved it. You could tell right away the guy was'nt really biteing the dog.

Anyway, anyone know of someone who bit their dog hard.


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Is that how dogs communicate with one another? They bite each others ears hard?

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That's stupid...there are other ways of replicating the Momma dog discipline besides actually using teeth to bite an ear. The Momma dog discipline works great but why not grab the scruff of the neck with your fingers to simulate natural discipline? I think it should be abuse if it injures the dog.

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I sometimes teasingly bite my dogs, but not hard. I am probably not as hard a biter as they are when they are play-biting during their mock fights. I got rewarded last time with hair between my teeth!

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This seems like an extremely unsanitary thing to do all around.

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Not to mention dangerous.

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I have a cousin that as a young child bit his dogs ear. I dont recall why though. However the dog objected. My cousin suffered a visit to the ER for stitches and the final insult to the injury was the article in the local newspaper. Boy Bites Dog, Dog Bites Back.
The family still teases him. Lesson learned.

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The responses to this post were fun. lostnca i hope your cousin did'nt have too many stitches.
arkansasgirl, i agree abt grabbing scruff of neck.

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