Pitbull Wolf Mix Puppies

oakleifJanuary 18, 2007

This was posted on another forum. advertizing this mix on a bullatan board.

Would you want one of these puppies?

I think it sounds like a lawsuit in the making and just downright dangerous but i could be wrong. Has anyone ever had one of these crosses?

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Actually, it was posted on this forum.

Whether or not the puppies actually are that cross, that's obviously aimed at the pumped up, gangsta-wannabe crowd.

"When just a pitbull isn't macho enough...."

Here is a link that might be useful: Seen on a bulletin board..

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In our county it is illegal to own a part-wolf dog. I am sure this is the case elsewhere as well... just another way to ruin the bull breed dogs. Truly sick, a wolf is a wild animal.

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My apologys, thought i had checked to see if on this forum. than could'nt find it anywhere but knew i'd seen it.
Have a nice day,

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I think it would be a disaster waiting to happen! Wolves are wild animals and to breed one with a domestic dog in my opinion is stupid,reckless and irresponsible. I'm a firm believer that wild animals always have that wild instinct no matter what they are mixed with. The fact that they were bred to a breed already known for having reputations for their agressive behavior is unbelievable to me. I certainly would never have a dog of that mix,but that's just my opinion.

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I curently own a FEMALE pupp of 2 week short of three months.. i had her since ahe was 3 WEEKS.. The mother of my dog is Half wolf and some sort of stray dog.. however the dad is pitbull.. im NOT AHURE how much wolf is in her but after research EVEN AT THIS AGE u can see what they mean about there temperment and behavior.. unfortunetly she had a brother that looked to be more wolf than dog- HE EVEN HOWLED not barked but we lost him to parvo.. she dont realy seem as an agresive dog YEt anyways she is very protective and due to her wolf side she RARELY barks.. litterly a few times a WEEK if that.. i owned dogs all my life and u can see witj this breed that yes there more into sociolisom then being ur pet.. shes potty trained but due to the wolf aide u cant realy FULLY POTTY TRAIN.. meaning ahe has the hole rutine down.. but If ahe dont want to go out side ahe wount.. again research says they are beat in they territorry.. verry true. At this age i have no fence but some how she loves to stay out side in whats our propperty too..
ONE MAJOR DETAIL IS THAT a dog want u to play and please u as this seems she wants u to JOIN IN or join in what ever ur doin.. u cant teach them to do trick as THERE NOT DOGGS - and this was an ACCIDENTAL mix.. i got the dog from a familly member.. he got his wolf dog because we live in arizona

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I have had one previous dog that we ALLWAYS belived was part wolf because hes agresiveness attitude temperment and tendency to suddenly pray on small animals. It wasnt after putting him down that the vet. REASURED US that yes indeed he was half wolf half chow and germansheaperd.. so i have experions in handleing the breed but i am NO EXPERT OR PRFESIONAL.. the previous dog was more wolf then the female i have now and YES he would turn on me growl and T times BITE..but i belive that due to me being its owner and NOT SHOWING FEAR is the only thing that keeped him from clenching down on the bite. Or from REPEDITTLY bitting.. however ONE ADVANTAGE is the breed sees u as family as part of the pack.. so there more than just having a dog it truelly is like having another family member.. which is why i considered getting this female.. shes 1/3 wolf 1/3 pit 1/3 chow mix.. i figured i have experience.. i do know how to deal Nd handle the breed and the pit bull since im not having a pit to fight every one else.. PITS ARE VERY PROTECTIVE Nd thats a quallity this dog has from day one.. ITS REALLY as having another child.. in ever way shape and form.. any forther questiond be free to email..

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