Flatten area rugs???

chuehFebruary 24, 2012

I don't where which forum would fit my question. I just tried this one...

Because of weight of the furniture, my area rugs have been buckled up with ripples. Even after I removed the furniture, the ripples are staying. How can I flatten area rugs?


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Mine did the same thing, so I had my boys 'walk' the carpet out to flatten the ripples and then I stapled the rug to my floor. No more ripples. :)

You can also use double sided tape to stick it down. They make a tape specifically to seam carpets so if you can get that tape that would be good, if not, just get strong double sided tape.

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oops, I should have said I just put one staple in each of the corners. It's holding it down and it doesn't slide either.

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You're asking how to remove the ripples as well as how to prevent them in future? If you don't have boys to walk it, you can try your clothes steamer. That will help relax the rug and with a bit of time and tugging, the rug should go flat again.

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If you don't have a pad under it, then add one. Our rug initially had slight rippling when it was first installed (over carpet), and we expected the weight of it would get that out eventually, but it didn't. We contacted the rug company and were told to add a pad. That completely took care of the problem.

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Sujafr - what kind of pad did you use?

I have this issue with my area rug as well. DH thinks the pad that has adhesive will ruin the carpet underneath. (and he'd flip out if I tried to staple it!)


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Our LR rug is a Capel, and we bought a pad that appears to be about 1/4-3/8 inch thick and looks to be some type of extremely heavy felt/wool with a thin layer adhered to the top made of some material that is somewhat rough (better for clinging to the rug backing, I suppose). We bought it through the Capel distributor in our area. Funny that I never really looked at it closely until you asked. It's not the foam material that I've seen used for pads.

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