Kashmir White Granite Please help

gail363February 7, 2014

I am going to have a 10 foot by 5 foot island. The only slab I could find that was a light color and that was long enough was Kashmir. Has anyone used this in a kitchen? honed or polished. What color on the cabinets? I am thinking BM Dove White? Thank you so much for your help

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We just had Kashmir White put in a few weeks ago. Polished. They are beautiful, if I do say so myself. Our cabinets have a cherry stain, but we are considering painting them. I think you could go with either a grayish white or a creamy white. Our Kashmir has some warm sandy tones in it as well as the cooler gray. We liked Cloud a White with it. I guess it depends on the other colors in your kitchen

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Thank you so much for telling me you were pleased with your countertops. I have been really worried about our choice.

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We have Kashmire white with painted gray cabinets and they are beautiful together. We were considering white cabs until we tried the gray, then realized we had found our color.

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Which gray did you use? I am really having difficulty trying to find the "right color" Are your counters honed or polished? Also what backsplash. I was thinking about subway tile. I am trying to keep the kitchen light and airy since there is not much natural light. Thank you

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Countertops are polished. Backsplash decision is a work in progress. The backsplash is the only thing my DH really cares about. He wants them to be a soft brownish color (he's from NM and loves the dessert). I'm not sold, so we are without backsplash right now. One of my concerns about the brownish backsplash is that it will darken the room.

Cabinets are Conestoga, Hearthstone Grey. We have tons of light, but the gray is really soft anyway so the room appears light. Some people who've seen it haven't picked up that it is gray, they think off-white.

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We chose Kashmir White for our 2007 kitchen remodel (we've since moved). We had it with natural maple floors and cherry cabinets. We enjoyed it, but learned that it is definitely one of the more porous granites, which means that you'll get a temporary dark patch where it gets wet. The stains fade away after the slab gets a chance to dry, but it can take a day or two. This was particularly noticeable around the sink, which never really has a chance to dry out. After we purchased ours I did some online research and learned that that some granite professionals consider KW too porous for kitchen use at all (!) and that others say that if you're going to use it, you need to seal it with a product designed for porous stone (like limestone). We used "511 Porous Plus" from Miracle Sealants, which made a big difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: 511 Porous Plus from Miracle Sealants

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Thank you so much for letting me know about the sealant. I will talk to the granite yard. They mentioned sealing it with Dupont 15 year sealer. Is any one familiar with Dupont sealer?

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The guys who installed our Kashmire White used the sealer from Lowes. We have absolutely no spotting or staining, even when water sits over night.

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Using the 511 Porous Plus was something like waxing a car. For the first month or so after application, water would "bead up." After 3-4 months, it would become less effective. We applied it about twice a year. With that in mind, I'm skeptical about something called "15 year sealer."

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Our installer sealed it 4 times. I'm not sure what he used, but he said it should be good for 15 years or so. He said if we ever see darkening from water he would come seal it again. We've only had it for a few weeks, but it doesn't darken at all with water so far. My DW accidentally got wood stain on the counter last night while staining our new kitchen table. It sat for a few hours before we realized it. I was scared, but it wiped right off.

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I was looking for a warm, soft gray for my cabinets and my favorite was Behr 'Campfire Ash'. My cabinetmaker couldn't match it, though, which is how I ended up with Martha Stewart 'Gull' (which is not so much grey).

All the granite fabricators that I spoke to said that River White (which I loved) and Kashmir White were more porous and would need more attention to sealing. Plus, they were both becoming hard to get -- political issues at the mines they said.

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