Diff. colors on diff. planes? Help breaking up big, open space!

BeaverFeverAugust 15, 2013

Hi Guys,

This is my first time posting on this forum, though I've read lots of posts. I just bought a house -- my first -- and need some painting advice.

Basically, the floor plan is one big, open space with high ceilings and lots of angled walls, which is GREAT for flow, but makes painting difficult as the lines between distinct rooms are blurred. I rented some painting/decorating books from the library, and one chapter discusses painting different planes different colors to break up the space. And I do think if I were to choose just one color for the entire open space, it might fall flat -- there is a LOT of wall.

So, I painted some samples on the wall today and have chosen three colors I like. (In the attached photo, I like the two on the right (upper and lower) and the lower one on the left -- will not be using the upper left color for the main living space). I chose shades that have subtle variation because this large space also has multiple types of flooring and I don't want too much going on. So, I've got two darker shades -- one more green, one more blue -- and a lighter shade.

After all that, my question is: how do I determine/decide which walls/planes to paint which colors. How often should I change colors, etc. I want to add subtle depth and character without it looking too obviously painted three different colors. Does anyone have advice for how to approach this?

Also, the three colors are different brands, so I can't log on to one of the color visualization sites to preview the different colors on the different walls/panes of architecture.

I'd love any advice on how to tackle this. Will be posting three images in total: paint samples, and two shots of the house, taken from different ends.

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second image

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last image -- the colors. again, the one in the upper left is likely going in another room and won't be used throughout the house.

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