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Anne GrahamDecember 14, 2001

My son just married a gal with a three year old daughter whom I just adore. She turned three in Sept. It has been a long time since I've been around little ones. I have shopped and purchased the starter LeapFrog program for her for Christmas. Now I am not sure that I should have bought the Leapfrog Adventure one. I really don't know enough about this product to make a sane decision. She seems to be a bright child wanting to learn new things all the time. I know that you can buy books to build on to this program. Should I take the starter one back and exchange it for a more advanced one? I'd appreciate help from someone who knows more about this product than I do/ Thanks for your help. Out of Date Grandma

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My MIL bought a Leap pad for my daughter for Christmas too! She also turned three in Sept. My thoughts would be to stick with the one you have. I think my daughter is well above average compaired to other kids her age (what mother doesn't?) Anyway, I think for my DD, she needs to learn the basics of reading first. If she doesn't learn phonics first, she won't be very successsful at reading. She may pick up on it really quickly and be ready for the next level soon but I still think it's best to build a strong foundation first.

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Poli, Thanks for the good advice. I think I will keep it and give it to her. Besides, I know that they plan to have more kids. She can always pass it down to a younger brother or sister when she "graduates" to the next level. Well, now I am finished with my Christmas shopping. Sure feels good. Happy Holidays to you, Anne

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I hope you got the two detailed websites I sent to you about Leapfrog (Please no one write me about them I have deleted them from my favorites now). I tired to put them on this forum but after putting all the information needed I was cut off.
So...I didn't try again, just sent the 2 website on hyperlinks to you. The second one showed lots of pictures and explained alot about the product. I know that can never be as good as hearing from someone who's child has used this product.
Lots of luck!

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My son is 5 and my MIL got him a LeapPad. She got him 3 books. I don't see this as a toddler toy. We have lots of the LeapFrog products that ARE great for toddlers but I do not think this one is meant for the little ones.

My son knows his letter and sounds and is reading simple, predictable books. I can't imagine that a 3 year old would find this interesting at all. If they have books that are more toddler oriented (with songs, ABC's, numbers, etc.) it might be ok for a toddler. The way Zack got it, it is more geared toward a child that already knows his letters and sounds, and is beginning to read.


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Just a note, I was reading by the time I entered Kindergarten, actually my ABC books by the time I was 4 (so I'm told anyway! lol). I think that was attributed to the information being presented to me. I certainly think it's an OK gift for a 3 year old if they're interested in learing more :)

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My son got the Leapfrog book pad with three books for his third birthday (or third Christmas, can't remember, but they're two months apart). Anyway, he is now 4.5 and he doesn't really use them for the stories yet. HOWEVER, he does love the one that has extra things in the back like the U.S. map, musical instruments, the human body, etc. He can name about half of the U.S. states just by looking at a map now because of this book, not to mention various bones of the body and musical instruments.

So, just because they're not reading or using it yet to learn to read, doesn't mean there's no value to them. I'm sure she'll do just fine with it.

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there are several levels of books from prereaders to chapter books. I think 3 1/2 and up would be a good age for the leap pad. My 4 yr DD is getting one for Christmas. She goes straight to the display at every store we go to and plays with it until I drag her away.

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I LOVE Leapfrog products!! We have the Baby Tad soft electronic dolls, misc other toys--they are WONDERFUL! My littlest sister-w/learning disabilities uses the leap pad and all it's accessories with great success!

~JEN, Early Childhood Spec and mom to 18mos old, 33wks preg w/#2

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