Help! Pen Ink on 'Babblin' Boo' doll!!

TaraWaferDecember 5, 2001

DD (2) got some ballpoint pen type ink on the face of her doll. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of (i.e. soap, alcohol, 409, Fantastik, Goof Off, cleanser, hairspray, toothpaste). Nothing is getting rid of it. And now I got her ear (where some of the pen is) a little yellow tinted... I don't know if the toothpaste or the scrub sponge did that.... or maybe I just didn't notice earlier. Can anyone help me get it off? (And maybe remove the yellow tint too???) Please help if you can. (Posted this on Parents too). Thanks!!

-Tara W

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Wow, I would have thought the alcohol would have gotten it. The only other thing I could think of is nail polish remover. Try it with a Q-tip.

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Well, I guess I may just be stuck with it. Naol polish remover didn't work, and it also kinda dulled the face a litle (barely noticeable though because I was careful). Oh well. I guess I'll always know it's my DD's. :) Thanks for the idea though!!!

-Tara W

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what about bleach diluted with water dabbed on with a q-tip? Try posting on the cleaning forum too!

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There is a product called Ink Away. It comes in a small bottle. I don't remember where I bought it.

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i used simple green on a outfit that was washed and a ink pen was in the wash after it washed i saw it put simple green on it and washed it again,all gone:)

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I get Ink on my clothes all the time. I register patients at a hospital and I am forever putting a uncapped pen in my pocket. What works for all us in admitting is, hair spray. The cheaper the better it will work. It will run the second it hits the ink so be ready with a paper towel. Then wash it with soap and water. Not sure if it will help with the yellow tint.


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Let us know if anything ends up working! I had a Barbie doll when I was a girl that a "friend" of my defaced with an ink pen, and we never did get it off!

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