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TaraWaferDecember 16, 2001

Okay, as most of you know we are pottytraining our almost 29 month old DD. She usually does good by going peepee on the potty every hour when I take her in the bathroom. The last couple of days she has been going more and, by going more, having more accidents. I don't know if it hurts her to go or what.

My questions are: how do I know if she is having some infection without having to torture her at the doctor's? Should I be taking her more often than every hour? (BTW, she's held it up to 3 hours while being out of the house. The accidents pretty much only happen when we are home). How do you move from doing it every hour to every 1 1/2 hours or every 2 hours? Should I expect more accidents when we are trying to change it? (I just wonder if it isn't hurting but she just doesn't like to go so often... but then the accidents imply waiting more time in between wouldn't work yetr either). And when do you (if ever) punish or lecture them about accidents? Right now we just tell her that it's a "no, no" and have her help us change her into new panties (pull-ups). I know DD knows that peepee and poopoo (although I am not too worried about the poop part) go in the potty. Yet she still has accidents. And how long after starting pottytraining did the accidents lessen or stop?? When will I be able to put her in real undies instead of pull-ups??

Any answers to these questions, or advice in general would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sooooooo much!

-Tara W

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I'm In the midst of potty training my almost 3 yr old son (35 months) right now. i don't think my son could hold it for a whole hour, consistantly at this point. try asking every 1/2 hour (set a timer so you don't forget, maybe?) and see if the accidents lessen. Maybe even 25 minutes. I think you need to get the consistant thing down completely before you start pushing the envelope with how long she can hold it.

I think kids are sensitive enough about learning to potty train, and that punishment shouldn't ever be an option. They're learning to control a bodily function, and it's very easy to get distracted. I reward my son for completing the task, because it makes him want to do it again. we give DS a little tupperware bowl with a few small candies in it after he pees, gets dressed again(with my help, of couse) and washes his hands. He's so excited about that teensy piece of candy that he'll run to the bathroom and try to go, even if he doesn't have to yet.and of course he gets the candy, because just trying (and remembering to watch for the sensation of having to pee) is half the battle.
We're still trying to figure out how often to try ourselves-- seems to be somewhere between 15-30 minutes for us. though DS gets tired of this after a few hours, so we're building our way up slowly.
Remind her that she needs to tell you when she has to go potty, but don't make it a big deal if she forgets- after all, she's been peeing in a diaper for her entire life. it takes a long time to get used to these changes.

29 months is still pretty young- it's possible that she's just really not ready yet.

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I do think both of you are on the right track when it comes to potty training. It is true the child will learn to go less often later. Also it has a lot to do with just how much the child drinks. I wouldn't be concerned. I would just take the child more often to the potty.

Could be that when the child is out she doesn't want to be bothered with you changing her clothes, and perhaps she isn't drinking as much fluid either (Maybe she is dressing up more too and wants to be a big girl and not mess up her clothing) whatever the reason she feels more relaxed perhaps at home and gets busy and has an accident. At
29 months that's not so unusual.

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Make sure you keep an eye on their caffeen intake as it makes them pee like crazy. Remember there are a lot of hidden caffein's out there..IE Chocolate milk

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Hi - I brought my son to the potty every 25-30 mins for a few weeks, then stretched to an hour. As far as accidents, I would compare him to the people he loves like "does Daddy go pee pee in his underwear/does Grampa go pee pee in his underwear/do the firemen go pee pee in their underwear/does Uncle xxx go pee pee in his underwear?, etc...with all the people that he loves and respects. After he's answered "no" to all of those, I say we have to 'practice.' I go to the spot where he had the accident and pretend that he has to pee...race to the potty...take pants down...sit on potty and pretend. We did a couple of practices each time he had an accident.
Also, I never used pull-ups, just went right to underwear. I chose an underwear with a character on it so he was happy to wear them.
My son had the idea in a few days and was completely potty trained in @ 2 months.
Good luck to you!

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