16 month old keeps biting HIMSELF!

ChantelDecember 2, 2001


whenever he gets angry or frustrated, he puts the back of his hand to his mouth and bites! He has little teeth marks all over his poor little hand. Not only that he keeps biting his sister whenever he does not get his way.

Any input?



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My Dd did (does) the same thing.. ( biting herself) the best thing is to ignore it..i have analyzed the situation and if you ignore the behavior,they stop it.there is nothing else to do-they will stop. When he bites his sister-say NO!! and put him in his high chair or crib--he will get the picture. he is showing very common behavior for his age..my dd was biting her little friends and i would let her know very clearly..We do not bite--and she will go away from her friends for this behavior.-then has to make nice.

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My DS is 17mo, and bangs his head for the same reason. The only thing I've found that helps is to reduce the frustration and prevent the situation from occurring.

Easier said than done with toddlers, I know!

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Thanks for the posts!

oh yes, he head butts and head bangs as well!

I am sure once he stops these actions, new ones will appear!

Take care

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