Farrow & Ball - just received brochure and colors

winesnobAugust 4, 2011

I have read all the post on this paint but most are fairly old. And I am in agreement that this is a paint that flies under the radar. I would love to hear from others who have chosen this paint. There is not a store in my area so I would have to order the pots to try. Just wonder if it is truly worth the cost and effort.

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I have it in a hallway. While I like it very much, it doesn't live up to the hype of color richness IMO. FB colors are beautiful and work very well together, though.

I painted my living room with milk paint (Old Fashioned Milk Paint's Safe Paint for walls). Now THAT is rich, fabulous color. Worth the effort of mixing it yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: OFMP color samples

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If you've read the old posts then you know the reasons that I think F&B is worth it. Subtle, mysterious color, wonderful texture (especially the Estate Emulsion), and no headache and sneezing problems, unlike my experience with the five or six other paint brands that I have tried. One caution: I'm not sure where you live, but I have read that F&B will not ship during weather extremes because of possible temperature effects on the paint. You may want to call or email to verify. They are responsive, although it sometimes takes 24 hours for a return email. I'm happy to answer other questions; I just do not want to be redundant.

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Just a word of caution...When I got the F&B color card, I also purchased some of their sample pots. 4 out of 8 pots didn't match the color card.

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That's interesting, ajpace. I pulled out a color card I have on which I placed dollops of 20 F & B paint samples. Once the samples dried, the borders between the dollops and the color swatches were imperceptible. The colors were spot on matches, even though the color cards aren't real paint. I'm curious as to which colors didn't match the card.

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We are half way through painting our entire house in Farrow and Ball. This all began with our order of kitchen cabinets from Crown Point that were painted with F&B

After much deliberation and paint samples from BM and FB on our walls, we are extremely happy with choosing FB.

The colors are great and go so well with each other. The house now has a nice flow from room to room. This is the 3rd time our walls have been painted since living in this home. This is the first time we have no regrets with our paint and color choices.

I did use the correct FB primer for each paint color. Also color matching other elements of our home such as mouldings to our cabinets was the best part of using FB. I saved a lot of money by buying and painting our kitchen cabinet moulding ourselves.

The paint goes on like pudding, which prevents splatters like other paints. The only downfall is the cost and labor. You will/should use the right primer and apply at least 2 coats of paint.

The sample pots of FB will are completely flat (Estate Emulsion), and we used mainly Modern Emulsion which has a little sheen. I thought I could use some of our sample lots to touch up a few walls that were painted with ME when I ran out of paint, and the samples really stood out against the ME finish. So users experience with color matching is probably due to this.

I will be posting photos soon of our home as soon as we finish the complete renovation

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

As a painter, I can't imagine spreading pudding on a wall.

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Do you usually use a sprayer? I have never tried F&B with a sprayer and it doesn't seem that that paint would work well in one.
I would love it if you would try Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion and offer your impressions. It's my favorite paint, but I am an amateur, with a different perspective than someone who paints all the time. However, I have done a lot of painting, so I know my own style of moving around a room, and, of course, I do not have to meet deadlines.

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I've used F&B and wasn't impressed. If you used Donald Kaufman color collection, you will never use another paint. The finish is ethereal.

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awm03 said above: "While I like it very much, it doesn't live up to the hype of color richness IMO. FB colors are beautiful and work very well together, though."

I totally agree with this statement.

I spent a long time selecting colors for our home, used 5 Ben Moore colors and 2 F&B colors (Off white in a marble master bath and Cat's Paw in an east facing dining room.)

I really cannot tell the difference in finished product between rooms painted with BM vs F&B paints. I hired someone to do the painting, so can't comment on application, but I think I'll probably just stick with BM paints from now on.

The free F&B color card brochure did differ slightly from the paint pot samples, I found the larger sample boards the store had available for check out were more accurate.(For example, I loved Slipper Satin on the brochure, but the sample board/paint pot didn't look like the same color so I ended up not using it.)

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Valpar Signature is like pudding, I used 4 colors of it between my rec room and powder room and it is very thick. I'm a homeowner (aka amateur) and while I like the BM Affinity colors very much, after painting two bathrooms in Aura bath & spa I find it unforgiving. Given my skills that is a problem.

I am excited to try Farrow & Ball. I like the consistency of it after painting out several of the sample pots. I love the way the website and brochures organize the colors and suggest various effective ways to combine them. That is valuable to me. I live in New England and these colors will work in my house.

Earlier this year I had a BM color specialist come over to work with me on an interior paint plan (for a fee). We were tacking dozens of large chips to the wall and I came out with a bit more clarity about color, but not a plan. I think I can organize a subset of the 132-color F&B selection into an actual plan.

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I used Farrow & Ball on my kitchen cabinets (DIY) in Lime White & Light Blue. I also used F&B in my dining room, kitchen walls, trim, and hallway. It is expensive but, I was really drawn to the beautiful color palette. We also have used BM Aura, BM regular paint, and some SW in other rooms on furniture etc. F&B is beautiful and chalkier looking than the BM paints. I had BM match one of the colors in Aura for my LR walls and it also looks beautiful in Slipper Satin color. I know supposedly you can't really match their colors but, they did a good job IMO. So honestly I would say it depends on the color you are using. I think in the whites there isn't as much difference but, when it comes to the blues and greys there is a big difference. I have F&B Light Blue in my dining room and on half my cabinets and I doubt that a color match from another vendor would have looked as good. The BM greys just look lifeless where as the F&B colors have a different quality to them. And believe me I tried themm all. It's a different look with almost a chalky feel. If that makes any sense. So don't know if that helps but, I think if I had unlimited funds to go all F&B in my home in the future, I would do it. If you are on a budget like I was, I would pick and chose where you use it.

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A few years back, I did quite a lot of testing on home interior walls using B&M, P&L and F&B colors. Also, we've used SW in my husband's office and on exteriors, and Glidden many years ago. The end result is that I am a total F&B fan, although, I admit I'll certainly use another brand if I can't find the color I'm looking for in the F&B palette (also, I'd love to try DKC, Fine Paints of Europe, and I've heard nothing but good things about the milk paints). During my home-test, there were some P&L colors that definitely went on like silken "pudding;" however, comparatively speaking, I would not describe F&B paint as "pudding" (that could have been due to the specific colors I was using). In one bedroom, I used a non-F&B primer over painfully bright medium-blue walls and stark-white trim. Then, I painted walls and trim in two different finishes of F&B Clunch. I'm pretty sure I applied two coats, if not, it was just one (this was a rental house). Regardless, the results were spectacular. Clunch totally transformed the space and the room "glowed." The color looked good enough to eat, and I never tired of it. Also, when held side-by-side, all the chips from F&B matched the colors I had on-hand (and I worked with at least two dozen colors); however, like any paint, once on the walls they often surprised me. I've been lucky to attend some show houses where F&B and BM were on the walls; each time I go, it helps me learn the color nuances, hone in on my preferences, and better "read" the chip samples. Finally, some paint manufacturers are known to excel at producing certain colors better than other manufacturers. That, combined with the fact that we all perceive colors differently, may make it well worth your while to investigate paints from various manufacturers in just your specific palette.

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