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AmandaDecember 23, 2001

We just recently switched our 25 month old son to a toddler bed. I didn't think he was quite ready but we put it together to get it out of the way and he seen it and doesn't want anything to do with his crib anymore. BUT.... now he wakes up 2 or 3 times a night and I have to go in and lay next to him until he falls back to sleep and then sneak out of his room. I also have to lay with him to put him to sleep. How did you get your toddler to fall asleep on his own in his toddler bed? He used to go down just fine in his crib. Please help! I'm losing too much sleep!

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When we switch DS#1 his crib was still up for a few days. We told him if he didn't stay in bed we had to put him back in his crib. One day we did just that. He got the message and never gave us a problem again, naps or nights.

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Our son was about 18 months when we did the switch. He was climbing out of his crib all the time and we were at the point where we left the sides down so he wasn't falling from the top of the rails. At first he did the same things your son is doing. Just continue to be consistent and start shortening the length of time you lay with him. Tell him you have to go the bathroom or something if he's still awake. Soon enough they start going to sleep on their own. Could he be waking for a drink or something? Or just because he's not used to the bed? We have left a sippy cup in our son's bed with him for years now. He's almost 3. This way he wakes up, finds his cup, takes a drink and goes right back to sleep. He's not getting everyone in the house up and we're not stumbling around to find his cup and fill it and all that. We all get a good nights rest this way.


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We first moved our son to a big bed at about the same age.But we had to move him back to his cot for awhile because he wouldn't settle. In the end we move the bed to the same place his cot was, and he has slept well in his bed every sense.Sometimes even though we think they are ready for the move they just aren't. If your getting really tied try the cot again and do the bed when he is a little older.Good luck.

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