A true parenting moment

KarenDecember 3, 2001

Thank goodness for this forum. Who else but other parents could sympathise! :-)

I had a dinner party Saturday for one of DD's friends and her mom and dad. I prepared appetizers, set the table with my new Christmas dishes, made cornish hens, and the friend's mom's favorite dessert - pecan pie. It was going to be an eating fest!

Right as we all sat down to eat dinner, my DD says, "Mom, I think I'm going to throwed up." and walks to the bathroom. DH goes with her while I entertain our dinner guests, and she proceeds to 'throwed up' for 3 hours. My guests and I ate what dinner we could, cleared the table and no one felt much like dessert!

Sigh, that will be a memorable dinner for a long time. I think I'll save the retelling of it for when she's grown and brings her first boyfriend over to meet us! :-)

(she's fine now. I called the nurse line and they said they were swamped with calls. When our doctor called back he said they had been getting calls about some strange nausea that hits quickly and passes just as fast with no fever or anything. And I found out today another kid in her class went home friday with the same symptoms.)

Thanks for letting me vent!


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The best laid plans ...

But why is it that it ALWAYS happens when we're in the middle of something else? I refuse to believe that there is a single kid out there who has had a multiple diaper disaster, behaved like an absolute terror, or got sick on a day when NOTHING was planned!!

And yet they're so worth it : )

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Let me tell you about the time when DD came down with chickenpox the day my uncle died...

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Karen, where in the states are you? I just went through that nausea/throwing up thing and itwas terrible.....it is definately a hit and run virus. DD b-day is tomorrow, with my luck, she'll wait until then to get sick!

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Atlanta area. Like I said, the local nurse hotline was swamped over the weekend.

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Ugh. We drove 7 hours to visit my family for Thanksgiving, and the second we got there my son came down with strep throat.
No fun at all.

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My aunt got the chicken pox on her honeymoon.

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My husband was all set to leave the house with my FIL, and my 2 sons so that we ladies could have SIL's bridal shower in a child free home.

The house was beautiful, the cake set when the baby starts to puke all over my NEW DRESS! Well-needless to say I was NOT the perfect hostess dragging my miserable vomiting infant all over the house ith me!

Oh well. Zack's 5 now and he doesn't remember the incident, but my MIL, SIL and I still chuckle over it.


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Can I join in?

I have a 2.5 year old. He had the same virus here (NC) and then I got it and then DD (7). No fun!

Karen - isn't that one of Murphy's laws????

Hey at least we are all kinda in this together.

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I still don't know if it's true that they pick the most inopportune times to get sick, or if it is just that those are the most MEMORABLE. But this stomach virus was the worst timing of all!

I've heard from more people who have had this bug. It seems like stomach bugs are going around more this year than in any year in recent memory.

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