Rash around mouth--red cheeks???

Mommyto4December 6, 2001

Hi everyone. My 1 1/2 year old DD has a rash around her mouth--the only way I can describe it is a bunch of red bumps around her whole mouth. Some are in clusters, some bumps stand alone. Her cheeks are also very rosy (she was playing outside alot today, so rosy cheeks can be from that). She is not complaining that it hurts or itches and she doesn't touch it. Would anyone know what this might be? She hasn't had any new foods, so it cannot be an allergy. She did have shots on Tuesday, but she's had the same shots before with no reaction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Does she have a cold or anything? Our son recently started getting cold sores and they can be little bumps in cluster type things for a while. I have been getting them for about 5 years and was very careful to not pass them to our son when I had them but he got them from a cold. The first time I had them, I got about 4 or 5. They don't hurt all the time, only during certain stages so maybe they aren't bothering your daughter now. Does she eat table foods? Shane points his out to me when he's eating certain things, something salty or hot (temp). How long has she had these? If they're cold sores, the blister things will pop and there will be a sort of clear liquid in there and then they're start to dry up and go away but they take time if you don't use something on them. They also tend to look white before they pop. I put some Camphofenique gel on mine and Shane's and they go away pretty fast. He understands that the medicine makes it go away and deals with it. Good luck! Hope it's not cold sores and it's something else!


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Saliva is irritating to skin in general (outside the inside of the mouth anyway). It might be a rash from normal things like drooling, and lip licking and a pacifier if she used one of those. The winter temperatures can bring out rashiness in those areas, even if they didn't seem bad or were not noticable before. Dry heat indoors, and cold temps outdoors can make the skin more 'sensitive.'

If it's not an area she licks, and if that kind of thing is the cause, applying a and d ointment or a standard kind of diaper rash or skin soothing cream should help it heal. If she does or can lick the area or the stuff might get into her mouth, something more like blistex daily lip conditioner can provide edible (not tasty though) protection.

if it seems like it's got to be something else or if she develops a fever get a doctor's diagnosis

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Thanks for the input. I actually had to take a trip to the peds. last friday as my two toddlers were coughing their little heads off. I asked about this rash, which seemed to disappear and reapper, and he said it was the change in weather, saliva irritation, and from her cold. The weather in NJ here has been unbelievable for this time of year. Thanks again for the input. Everyone was right. I have been putting neosporin on it when it seems to get bad and it heals right back up. It's a weird thing that has never happened before. Have a good holiday.


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I haven't read the other posts to see what they say so forgive me if I duplicate -
I just wanted to comment on one thing you said - you said there had been no new foods introduced therefore it can't be allergic reaction. It still could be. It is called a developed or delayed reaction. I developed an allergic reaction to tobacco and two of my children developed allergies to milk (specifically the casein protein in milk).
Though from what you said, it doesn't appear that it is allergy, I just wanted to let you be aware that allergies can develop to "old" foods - it doesn't have to be new to her system.

mom of 4!

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my 2yo dd gets that when she eats tomatoes or any other acidic food, she has no allergy to the food she is fine to ingest it it just irritates her skin. my doc said this is normal and that some kids just have sensitive skin. my SIL is the same way with oranges, she can eat them but if she touches them she gets a rash.

hope this helps

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