I actually did it...pierced ears!

NicholeDecember 14, 2001

I don't know what possessed me, but the kids and I were in the mall and the jewelry store just called to me. After asking a million questions about safety, sterilization, and allergic reaction, I picked out a pair of studs...plucked my innocent sleeping 20 month old out of her stroller and had them pierce her ears. She was awake when they did it and barely let out a squeak..one little tear dropped down her cheek and she was FINE!! PHEW. If she would have screamed I would have been crying MY eyes out. She doesn't even seem to know they are in there. Even when I rotated them and put the solution on she was fine. She looks beautiful (even though she did before too!) and I pray we have no infections. Does anyone know if you have to use only the store stuff to clean their ears...what about peroxide or witch hazel? To those of you who might think I have mutilated my daughter...believe me I had thought about it several months earlier...If she doesn't want them later on in life, she can have them close up...I guess the not crying has really eased my conscience as well :) What a sweet baby!

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I would use the "store stuff" for now at least untill they are completely healed. Occasionally if I leave DD's in too long they will get a little crusty and red. I just use alcohol on them then with no problem. I wanted to get DD's done at around 1 yr. DH would not hear of it until she asked for earrings. Well she asked right around her 2nd Birthday. She barely cried when hers were done. A couple of tears until they asked her if she watned to look in the mirror.

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The person who pierced my daughter's ears said not to use peroxide because it will pit the metal in the earrings. She (of course) had to recommend the stuff from the store, but said that using a small amount of Neosporin was O.K., too.

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congrats!! i had my dd done when she was 12 weeks would have done them sooner but no one would do them. use the store stuff and when you put her in the bath just run some warm water over her ears and you should have no problems, i think little girls look soooooo pretty when there ears are done.


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My daughter is 16 months old and has hardley any hair. My MOTHER keeps telling me to pierce her ears - The woman who wouldnt let me until I was 12. Isn't it dangerous?? What if they fall out and she eats it and chokes??? I have a choking Phobia........ Wouldnt it be uncomfortable when they are sleeping?? I know I cant wear earrings to bed any more. I used to when I was younger - Any feedback.

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I hate to tell you but they won't just close up years from now if she wants them to. I've had my ears pierced since I was 6 and I'm almost 22 now and those holes will not close up if I leave my earrings out. Same with my second holes I had done at 16. I went without them for a while when I couldn't find my studs I keep in there and nothing closed.

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Your poor child. I hope your impulse control gets better. Why would you have done that? Wasn't she beautiful enough? Why do you need one more thing to take care of- one more risk to your child's health? And if she doesn't want them when she's older, it will be too late. After healing for 2 years, they won't close up. She probably didn't cry because she was in shock. That's a very large pain for such a small person to endure.

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That wasn't very nice!!! I didn't peirce my little ones ears cause I believe its her choice but would never pass judgment on someone who did. Piercing her ears isn't anymore painful then getting her vaccinated but so many do that. i think you owe her an apology. *frowning*

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Next thing you know she`ll be wanting a tatoo!

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Nicole, I would stick with the store bought stuff. You can use alcohol (but that might sting) or some topical antibiotic cream.

Mimii, I don't think she was asking your opinion on the matter.

Pepperjack...what's wrong with a tattoo once she's 18?

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wow, sounds like mimi needs to get a life!!


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I had my dd done when she was about three months old. She has never once had a problem with them, I left the piercing studs in until she was five, they are had to get off, even for me. She never plays with them and likes having them pierced. I think that you are just fine in piercing them and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
Glad that you think that she is beautiful,

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My holes closed up. Try to put an earring in now--they won't stop bleeding. I need to have them re-done but it KILLED me when they did it. Each girl had her own "gun" and counted to 3 then BANG!! I yelled and jumped. Right in the mall. binkie

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I'm no longer in my twenties (wont say how much 'no longer' but it's been a while) and I had two holes in each ear from college days. I had one 'second hole' grow up years ago. I wanted to wear my studs in the second holes, so needed to get that one re-pierced.

I did it in the mall, and it was not that bad. Just a pinch.

You say you jumped, but was it because it hurt all *that* bad or just the noise from the gun and suspense/surprise?

I have not done DD's yet (she's 4) for a lot of reasons, but mostly, I want it to be her decision. So far she hasn't asked, despite having plenty of classmates with earrings. But when she does want to do it, we'll go together and make a day of it! (I still remember the day I got my ears pierced the first time - it was a special 'growing up' day).

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I agree with the idea of waiting until it is her decision. My DD is 3 1/2 and she see's me wearing mine on occasion and says how pretty they look. She asked me once for them and I told her when she was bigger and all she said was " yeah, when I'm big like you!"

Maybe when she goes to school and other girls have them she will really, really want them. Then we'll do the same. Make a whole day of it.

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I think it's sweet that you had your baby's ears done. I have a boy and when I see little girls with little studs in their ears I do feel a slight case of the envies. Anyway, it is said that the earlier it is done, the less pain they feel!

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