delivery of appliances

MNexlurkerFebruary 21, 2013

Do we have our new appliances delivered and ready to go before the granite gets templated ? I do know they want my sink then, Do they want my cooktop then too? OR template than have appliances delivered ready to go when install is planned?
The sink, air switch, soap dispensor, faucet are all here and have been for quite a while. Appliances have been at Lowes for months waiting - hopefully mid March.


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Much better to have the appliances on site when they template, especially the cooktop.

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I agree w/ weismann. You want your cooktop to look seamless on top of the granite counter top.

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My fabricator wanted the appliances and sink on site prior to templating even though specs were available for each.

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It's helpful to have the appliance because they come with life-size templates for the counter guy.

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Thank you Everyone.
Lowes will be so happy to finally be able to deliver my appliances for sure. They have been super to hang onto them for us so long. I went in looking armed with list and online prices to see difference. Figuring it didnt hurt to ask -they could only say NO! Which the appliance store I planned to order from did.
They said YES to online prices! Had to get management approval 4 times. They would call management over get approval and they would leave only to be called back within minutes- Teased them they should just stay!
They beat online on the other two appliances!

Our questions keep getting answered or I find it asked by another throughout THANK YOU GW ers!!!

We are our GC But keep impressing my cabinet maker with information and ideas. Pretty soon he will stop asking How and know If he doesn't already.:)

Thank you again and looking forward to someday sharing my little kitchen -but packed with cabinets, ideas , and lights with all.

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