painting or staining wood screen porch

ontheroadAugust 29, 2011

We built a screen porch with cedar. (Best part of entire additon/renovation). Do we paint it white, stain it white, or stain it natural? Or are there some other choices? And what is maintenance in upcoming years for any of these?

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

It is you're porch and you're decision, maintenance will be about the same for any of them

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In my attempt not to be "wordy," perhaps I didn't explain myself clearly enough :-)
I would be fine with any of the choices, and am more concerned about maintenance. 1)Painting it white --- when rain and dirt splashes in, as it inevitably will do, may look dirty frequently - and ultimately require more routine work. 2)Stain - requires a sealer every couple of years, I think? 3) White stain would give it a more casual look than paint, but might have same problems with dirt after rain, etc. I know that it's ultimately my decision, I'm just looking for experience w/ the different choices.
(I found this site after the fact and cringe so often when I see my prior mistakes explained on here and say "if only I'd read this before doing....." so I value the expertise and try to heed it before acting. Thanks for all your help.)

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I used Cabot semi-opaque stain on mine inside the porch and out, and I am very pleased. Second year in the midwest and it's held up well. Comes in all kinds of colors too.

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