best masking tape on stucco

AMR444August 13, 2013

I am painting my wood exterior window trim on a stucco wall. What is the best tape to use on the stucco so the trim paint (latex) does not creep underneath the tape? Also I do not want to pull any of the stucco off -- it is very rough -- in removing the tape. I have some red "stucco" tape and also bought some "frog green" tape. Your experience would be greatly appreciated.

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none ... get a painter's shield or a piece of stiff plastic to protect the wall when you cut in. And cut in carefully.

If the tape sticks well enough to prevent bleeding, it's going to take some stucco off.

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Getting on here is entertaining just for the questions. Masking tape for stucco?

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lazygardens: thank you.

Jumpilotmdm: snideness is not becoming.

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