my child has been circumsized but his forskin is still attached

LisaDecember 4, 2001

My son was circumcized but his forskin is still atached.he is now 2 years old. you can see the head but not the ring i have taken him to the doc and he said that the person who did the circumcision did not cut the forskin back far enough and it healed over the penis is there anyone wlts out there that also had this problem with there child if so will it correct itself like the doc told me or what should i do ???? please email me or post me a letter if u know anything!!!

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My friend went through the same thing with her son. She ended up having to get him recircumcised, however, they like to do it before 18 mos old or some age close to that. The thing is, she had to go to a urologist (who also did the surgery). I would make an appointment with a urologist and see what they have to say. Good luck to you and your son.


PS--My friend's son is doing great. The only thing is his penis is super sensitive (possibly from the recirc.).

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My son is 22 months and he doesn't looked cir'd but he is. I took him to a urologist who said that it was better to leave too much. He said that little boys are not suppose to have the head of their penis showing. It's supposed to be cover by baby fat and some extra skin. I've spoken to several experienced moms and they said that their boys were cut all the way. His urologist also said that cir'd boys needed to have the skin pulled back every diaper change to avoid skin adhesions. Another new one to my friends. I clean it but never knew to pull it back every diaper change. My son has skin adhesions that they want to remove. He will be put under to do this and the doctor is removing more of his foreskin because he has a little too much left over. My sister's baby was cir'd by the same doctor and he too has to go back to have more removed. I think his urologist just didn't want to say that the first doctor didn't do enough.

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My son was circumsized at birth-and since he is my only child, I never really knew what a circumsized boy was supposed to look me stupid!?! Anyways, my best friends are both Drs. and when my son was about 11mths old (he is now almost 3yrs) they saw me changing his diaper and asked if he had been circumsized...because it didn't look like it all to them. You could bearly see the tip of his penis due to the extra skin that was left around the head. I took him the head Pediatric Urologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital and he said right away that the circumsision was not done correctly and not enough skin was taken 15mths he was recircumsized as an outpatient and he is doing fine. Like the other person who posted a response to your question, my son is VERY sensitive and hardly let's you touch it to clean it...he says it hurts and pulls away very fast...I was also told that I should pull back the foreskin at every diaper changing-but he screamed bloody murder when I did that I wasn't going to continue to do that to him...that's when I went over my Pediatrician's head and went to the Urologist...that would be my recommendation...better to be safe then sorry. Hope this helps.

ANOTHER THING...I don't know about how your Drs. work, but my OB/GYN did the original circumsision when he was born and it wasn't covered under my medical the tune of $250...I asked/demanded a refund of that $250 and got it back from my Dr. He didn't do it correctly so why should I have to pay him that $$$$$ !?!?!


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My son is not circumcised and neither is my DH and I can tell you the skin (on the baby) is definitely supposed to stick. It is naturally fused and doesn't separate until late childhood or early puberty. So naturally any "extra" skin (don't tell me DH its extra! :) sticks like its meant to. It will release later via hormones. I would agree that its better to err on the side of too much. Its certainly not going to harm him. 80% of the worlds men have all their foreskin and are no worse for wear.

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I would love to hear from the moms and dads that had to have this done for their son, my 2 year old son will be having this done on Aug 18 2006 and I would love to hear all about it, how long it took for recovery and so on, please email me back my email addy is thanks so much

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Please email me directly,
I'm 19 and my foreskin is still attached to the head on the top. This was due to my foreskin healing over and fusing with my head. There is only a small piece of skin connecting my foreskin and head, it almost looks like it was stitched there.
Any adults have this problem? Does any one know about these surgeries later in life?
I really don't know where to begin. Even links would be helpful. Does insurance cover this type of surgery?

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I am trying to find out how long the sensitivity last when a circumsition has to be re-done. I don't feel that my sons was done correctly. He still has ALOT of foreskin left and it certainly does not look like my first son's did when his was done. Any feed back would be great. The doctor keeps saying its fine.

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My son had the same problem but the Dr told me to keep it pulled back and keep vaseline on it and everytime i changed his diaper to repeat the process...and thats been about 6 months ago and nows hes fine...thank the good lord

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All these circumcision problems. It is all so crazy to me. Why would you cut up and mess with a perfectly healthy penis, mess it up, worry about it, cause your son unnecessary pain, all to have him cut up more later to "fix" what didn't need fixing in the first place. If I were any of you I'd feel so guilty and spend my entire life apologizing to my son for cutting up his genitals for no reason. Ignorance is such a huge problem, like the 19 year old who doesn't even know that his problem he deals with into adulthood was caused by unnecessarily cutting off part of his penis by his parents.

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Do you cruise forums looking for places to post your rant? You are too funny.

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AMEN peoplearedumb!

People blindly follow what this culture tells them they should do, and I am one of them. When I had my first son at 19, I had him circumsized, because that's just what you DO.

Until I was 23 and pregnant with my 2nd son and researched it-found that it is a form of mutilation and NOT required and no, it DOESN'T cause more infections. My 2nd and 3rd sons are intact and will stay that way.

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My newborn son is now 6 weeks old. We noticed that his foreskin is still attached to the head on the underside of his Penis. Everything else looks perfectly normal and he's healing is almost done, and the piece that is still attached is small and the rest of the foreskin looks normal just a small spot where its still attached. My doc said it would break free when he hits puberty via hormones. My wife and I are not so sure we think they don't want to let us know they have made a mistake. We want to have the remaining attached skin cut back but doctors say no need it will detach by itself. Please give us your thoughts we don't want him to have this when he hits puberty or worse when he's an adult and we think now is the time to correct it because he just healed and he's still young enough for it not to drive him crazy from the pain. Please help us. Thank you.

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