Questions regaruding diet- hope this NEVER will happen.

runsnwalkenDecember 6, 2008

Say there's this mother who has 6 kids all around 2 or 3, she isn't right in the head and feeds each kid poorly. Using the food pyramid she does experimentations.

Kid 1- only fruits

Kid 2- only veggies

kid 3- only foods from the breads,rice and grains group

kid 4- only dairy products like milk,cheese and yorgart

kid 5- only meat products

kid 6- only candy and sweets, like chocolate, surgar, lollypops,candy cookies.

What would happen to these children if nothing was done to stop the mother the parents involved? If they had to eat like this until they were 21 or otherwise adult. If they would die, which ones would die first?- i bet the candy kid wouldn't live long. What health issues would they face? Would/how would child protection get involved?.

If the children kept up this kind of eating how long would they live for as Adults?

I'm a preforming artist that might put on a play for mothers day called- A mothers doing- involving something like this.

I prey no mother would actually do this!


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I think you may be surprised about the answer to which ones would die first.

I'm not sure why you are posting or what questions you are asking... but if you seriously need answers for your play, I'd talk to a nutritionist... maybe even a nutrition teacher at a college.

I think your play maybe cute but you may need a the candy kid being the only one that can survive, or the kids secretly sneaking the other ones food's group or something, and how they start mothering each other and sharing their food.. because of the lack of parenting from their sick mother or something.

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Good idea,

Okay I'll look around more. I know candy rots teeth and you need teeth to live, maybe if kid was rescued before adult teeth could be damaged, would live.. no? yes? But then again you need calcuim to build teeth and so new teeth might never grow or might be soft and weak

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The children not eating breads would have a niacin deficiency. They added niacin to breads after a horrible plague broke out in the early 1900s. The disease causes diarrhea, dementia and dermatitis.

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Runswalken . I am very curious now ! You are a true advocate of a healthy diet. I too, am very concerned about additives, etc. in pet and people food. Are you a vegetarian? I see your comments on the pet forum as well. I would be interested to hear exactly where you are coming from and what you have found to be the best food for your family and pets. We just have one adult cat right now and she is doing great with her Urinary Tract Purina formula cat food.

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I eat meat- But try to get more veggies/plants, have a friend who is vegan, and I LOVE the vegan cookies at Mississippi market.- I useally search for wild foods in the summer time( day lillys,cattails,dandilion,berries,wild violets,)- drink naked juices too.

Purina isn't a good cat food, dry causes dental issues also- is a pro raw site thats good- otherwise try Innova EVO, Ziwi peak,Orijen or Instincts.

For the protection of peoples children I also highly urge you all to view- What's REALLY in your pets FOOD? on You tube.

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The child eating only meat is likely to die from a vitamin K deficiency. It causes problems with blood clotting. The child will likely die from an internal hemorrhage.

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