Potty Training

tammmyDecember 28, 2001

HELP!! My sister in law is really having troubles training her oldest(3)( he will be four in May) to poop on the pot. He never pees his pants but refuses to go nuber #2 on the pot. They seem to have tried everything. She will sit and talk to him while he is on the pot and can sit there for 15 minutes and he won't go but 5 minutes later he poops his pants. He understands he should use the pot. He doesn't seem to have a hard time pooping his pants. She has a younger boy who will be 3 in July who is starting to train. She is at her witts end. ALL suggestions will be helpful. Thanks

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I know others may not agree but MIL was just saying the other day that her step son was having a hard time trainging the oldest to poop on the potty, too. He knew he had to go because he would run and hide to do it. So he got to the point where he told him that it was ridiculous and he could get to the potty if he could hide behind the chair. They started punishing him for going in his pants and within a week or less he was going.

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I guess Kendra has tried punishment, she has also tried to tell him that big boys don't poop there pants, he very rarely ever pees his pants anymore. My nephew also goes behind a chair or door to poop his pants. She still puts him in pull ups after his bath at night and lots of times thats when he poops, do you think the pull up is giving him a confusing message, I know she hates washing poopy underwear. What kind of punshiment are you suggesting? Any other suggestions too?

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I think they do the time out thing or something, I'm not sure. Some will suggest you make the kid clean out their dirty underwear and that teaches them. I guess it worked for me. My Mom did that when she had tried everything (even making me sit on the potty until I went and I would sit there for hours looking at books) and she said after I cleaned my underwear (which I vaguley remember) I stopped going in my pants. Does your friend put her son to bed right after his bath? Or does she dress him and he stays up for a while? Maybe she should wait and put the pull ups on until it's time for bed. Good luck to her!


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No she lets him stay up for a while, I will tell her your suggestions, thanks.

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I would try a reward system. Get him something he REALLY wants and explain to him he only gets this when he uses his toilet x number of times without any accidents. If he reverts back remind him might lose his reward.

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There are a lot of other threads you may be able to find with a search, regarding #2.

But with my DD, besides reading books, reward system, etc, one strange thing finally worked. She saw me doing #2 with the fan on. So the next time, she asked if she could have the fan on, and I don't know why, but it worked.

(until a couple months later, when we stayed in a place with no fan in the bathroom - but we muddled thru) :-)

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At first my son was doing this, but he would go and get a a pull-up, poop in it, and then tell us later. We have successfully trained him. It was a hard road, but he goes on the potty now, #1 and #2, he wipes with flushable wipes, and pees standing up. We did the reward, high praise, and talked about other kids that we are "very proud of" who pooped on the potty. It was when we praised someone else that he complied. At first we were also taking pull-ups to outtings, it's not necessary anymore. He goes on the potty out of the house too. He gets to pick out his flushable wipes at the grocery store and pay for them with money that we give him. He really digs this. He knows that they are only his, and no one else is allowed to use them. He likes privacy in the potty now too. I have a 18 month old that likes to "help" him, but he doesn't want her in there.
I took the advice on this site to ditch the pull-ups, and go big boy pants, knowing that there would be accidents at first. We took extra pants everywhere we went. There are extra pants at pre-school, too. We stooped using the hard to button jeans and use pants that he can easily pull up and down, until he gets the hang of buttons and zippers. I also beleive that after a while, pull-ups send the wrong message. In the beginning it's okay.

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