games for 3 1/2 yrs old for xmas

dcrowexDecember 3, 2009

Can someone actually recommend a game they have played and liked for 3 yr old +? I see "SO" many games for this age group but often, it is not suitable for this age group, they dont understand, it does not hold their attention. We did the Elephant game last year where it blows out the butterflies and they catch them. We were looking for more of a sit down/board game etc type of game. Any recommendations? Thank you.


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There are a few games out there for children that age. I bought a couple of them for my just turned 4 year old grandsons for Christmas.

I bought them Uno Moo--a variation of the card game uno with animals.
I also got them Yahtzee JR. again a variation of the origional aimed at 4 year olds.
There is also one called Picture Domino's--played like regular domino's only you match pictures.

I have bought them old maid cards with animals, which we played without the old maid and just dealt out 3 cards and turned over the rest on a pile one by one. When a card turned up that matched one in his hand he could put it with his and take another one off the pile. The winner has the most cards, but most times we didn't count the winners or losers. Just look around there is lots out there and what's saying you have to play the way they say. You can make up your own rules to suit playing with your youngster.

Something else my grandsons like doing is putting together jig saw puzzles. You can start with 8 or 12 pieces and work your way up to however many pieces you want

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Thanks for the tips! Yes they do like puzzles and have many of those. They have matching games as well. I was looking for some actual games to play so your suggestions will help me. I didnt want to have to go thru row after row of games looking for ages and then still not knowing if it was a good game for that age.Always better to get a recommendation.
Thank you!

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