calling on all the kitchen experts!!!!

kat81February 22, 2013

So we found the plan we like...they only thing that doesnt work for me is the kitchen.. I would like it on the top next to the windows and only have one dining area at the entry (no nook)...but i just cant figure out how to do this..can anyone help me please?
I have to tell my builder Monday what i want to do and i feel a little helpless

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Are you saying you want to move the kitchen to where the breakfast room is located and skip having a breakfast room?

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The problem, as I see it with moving the working part of the kitchen up by the windows is the entrance into the hallway. Even if you move the door; it is a thoroughfare which impedes the kitchen function. Unless you want the kitchen to the right of the foyer... I'm a little stumped.

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Sophie Wheeler

Wholesale moving about of rooms isn't simple. You need an architect. Contact the architect from whom you purchased these plans and pay them to revise them.

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Do you guys think the kitchen will work well as is?

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I'm not an expert, but here's an idea, maybe it will spark some better ideas? Lots of options for those corners above the dining area (desk, wet bar, china cabinet, display, etc) or make the dining area bigger.

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