working mom doesn't know how to get child to school

LisaDecember 11, 2001


My daughter just started kindergarden a few months ago and I am having a real hard time finding someone who can take her to school and pick her up.

My children stay at a sitters all day.My daughter starts school at 11:00 am so I can't drop her off and she comes out at 3:00 pm, again I can't pick her up.I work 30 minutes away so I can't do it during lunch. My mom is hinting to me that she no longer wants to do it.(she has been picking her up from the sitters and taking her to school,then picking her up at school and taking her back to the sitters house).

The babysitter doesn't drive so she can't take my daughter and the school is way to far for them to walk.

I wish I could quit my job so I wouldn't have to worry about my children being taken care of,but of course I am the only one bringing in the real income.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or ideas to help me.

I am desperate now, and don't know what to do.

Thank you.

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Check with the school and see if they have an "Extended School Program." I worked at one of these for one summer, but I know that they have them during the school year too (my little sis went for a long time)...I don't know exactly how it works with Kindergarted hours, but for regular school hours you can drop your kids off at 6 am, they feed them, get them off to class, and then they go back when they get out of school, have snack, do homework, arts and crafts, then you pick them up before 6. IF not that, how about checking with your local boys/girls club? I went to the Girls club when I was little :)

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I have no idea where you live but many of the day care centers will pick up/drop off students. Of course, I am sure they charge an extra fee, but it seems popular with some working moms.

Another alternative is to contact other parents who have children in her class, see if you can arrange for one of them to transport your child.

Good luck

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The other posters had good suggestions. I know in our school district, the bus will drop off a child at a sitters as long as it is in district, and the child has to go to the same destination every day (can't only go to the sitters some days, they have to always ride that bus home). Maybe you can find a daycare center that offers after school care in district- our school will have the bus drop off kids at any of the daycare centers in the district. Our area also has something called a Kidmobile, I have never used it myself, but other parents do. It is like a taxi service for kids, they pick up your kid at school at the designated time and bring them to where ever they have to go. Maybe you have something like that in your area? Good Luck!

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The Community Action Center in our town runs a van service. For a small fee, they pick up and drop off. It's only for the elderly, disabled, and they do pick up children. They have limited space though, and it goes on a case-by-case basis.

A friend's child rode it for kindergarten. I think she paid $2/day for a round trip ride.

Maybe there is something like that in your area.

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Friends of ours found a college student who needed a place to live. They traded her room and board in their guest room for her services as 'official kid-dropper-offer'. She had a flexible schedule due to her class load, and she needed the break on rent. It worked out well for both of them.

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you mean they don't have a bus that will pick her up at the sitters and bring her back? guess i took for granted all towns were like mine. it will even pick up the child at home and bring them to the daycare in the afternoon- if you are going to a different destination on different days then the child just takes a different bus. if you don't have that service,is there another mom you could get to do it that is already picking up her kid? and that lives in the same neighborhood as your sitter? i bet if you asked around you could find one willing to do it. good luck!!

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In addition to the after school programs found at many schools most of the preschools around here have after school programs for the school aged kids with working parents. The kids are picked up from school by bus and transported to the preschool. We have full day kindergarden.

Most around here offer help with homework (not important yet but it will be), snacks, and organized activities that appeal to school aged kids. Depending on the program the kids can play on the playground, play sports (for fun, not competetive), do arts and crafts projects, play on the computer, play board games. You pick the child up at the preschool after work.

During school vacations most offer field trips to various places like the Aquarium, the Zoo, a children's museum, the movies, roller skating, etc. It costs around $35-$40 per week around here (Florida) for after school care. It's extra for the field trips.


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Is there an at-home mom near your sitter's house that you'd trust? That wouldn't be a bad gig, would it, to drop off and pick up someone else's child? Esp. if they were traveling the same way anyway. And if your child attends school in a different school district than your sitter lives in, maybe a mom from your child's school would be available to hire to take your daughter to the sitters at the end, and then your mom might only have to to the drop-off, which might be much easier than double duty.

I know my sister used to pick up some other mom's child from school when she picked up her own.

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I couldn't guess from your message if you were a single mom or not? If not, have your DH pick her up??

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Thank you all very much for the suggestions,it has helped.
I am always at work so I don't have an oppertunity to speak with any of the other mothers at the school to see if they can help me out and earn a little extra money.
I don't know anyone in my neighborhood to even ask around.
I was even thinking of changing my daughter to a school near the babysitter's house so she could walk her to school,but the school is already packed and she might get bused to another school.
I didn't think it was worth it for her to finally make new friends at this school then changing her to another school just so she could get bused to yet another.
I think I am going to call the her current school and see if they have some kind of ride sharing program.
Next year when she is in the 1st grade it will be alittle bit easier because I will be able to take her myself in the morning.
Thank you again for all your help,I appreciate it.

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Best way to meet the other mothers: birthday parties. You are bound to get invited to one at some point or another.

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When you call the school, also ask if they'd be willing to let you send a note home w/ every child, asking the parents if they or someone they know would be interested in or able to help out.

Don't phrase it as you're in need, but that you're considering changing the current arrangement, and are looking for other options.

Does your babysitter know anyone in HER neighborhood?

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