Babysitting Question

katieDecember 23, 2001

I live in the midwest and I was wondering how much most of you pay babysitters? What age is the babysitter? How old are your children and what gender?

I would greatly appreciate anyone's input on this!


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When my daughters were babysitting as teens they got $2.50 to $3.00 an hour. That was about 8 yrs. ago so I am sure the rates have went up now.

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In NJ I pay a 13 year old $5/hr, doesn't matter age of child although mine is 6 months and right now, babysitter is just mother's helper-doesn't even sit alone (my choice). I believe $5/hr is the going rate here.

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I would not leave a young teen with my young children. mothers helpers are ok-i would pay at least 8.00 for a mature person to babysit. you get what you pay for and too many young people are taking care of children for a low amount. i live in south florida-i know in the midwest child care providers get a very low amount which is soo sad because it is such an important job.--i have friends who pay their sitters $10.00 an hour for weekends and holidays, and around here, sitters get about $100.00 for new years eve.--i would call your state and ask around-call the local day care centers and ask the teachers what they get because many of them sit on the side since they get such a low salary.--or they know people that babysit...

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Where did you live when your daughters got paid that much? How old were they?

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WOW you are so lucky to get a good mother's helper for such a low rate! How did you find her?

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We live in a very small town and have a bulletin board to post messages. She posted last summer for babysitting and I kept the # until now. She's had babysitting course and her mom ran inhome daycare until a couple of years ago. Still am not sure when I'll actually let her babysit on her own-maybe during daytime over summer for short errands.

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