Switching to whole milk

BBillingDecember 25, 2001

My pediatrician just advised me to switch my 1 y/o DS from formula to whole milk. He seems to like it okay, but he now has diarrhea. Was just wondering if this is common among children not quite ready for whole milk or if he has caught a bug from somewhere.



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It could be either really. I can't exactly remember back to when we switched our son but I would consider it normal for it to take a while for your babie's body to except the change. It was the same when we had to switch formulas and things so I would consider it normal. I think some kids end up with consipation when they switch to whole milk. Just be sure you're giving your son some other fluids and things to keep him hydrated. There are bugs going around so watch for other symtoms. Either way, it should clear up within a week or less. If not, call your doctor. Your son may be lactose intolerant or something.


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I was advised to transition slowly. Continue formula and give 1 cup of milk a day to start and each week substitute milk for the formula.
It worked great for us.

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you can mix formula and milk together
maybe try 2 oz milk and 4 oz formula and then gradually increase milk and decrease formula

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I mixed breastmilk and/or formula with 1/2 milk and gradually increased the milk percentage until my DD was on milk totally.


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