kylaDecember 4, 2001

Yesterday my 18 month old DS woke up with a strange, red dotty (and sometimes pimply) rash all over his hands, feet, and knees. He was sick about a week ago so I took him to our doctor yesterday afternoon. DR ruled out baby measles, chicken pox, hand-foot-mouth disease, etc., and pretty much told me that he didn't know what it was, but that it should go away within a day. But, today the rash looks the same, if not worse on DS' feet- it doesn't seem to be itchy or bothering him, do any of you have any idea what it could be? Should I take him back to the DR. Any responses greatly appreciated! Kyla.

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Has it spread to other areas of his body? My DD got a similar rash after being sick, except hers covered more area. Hers was Roseola, and lasted almost a week.

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Has he been in contact with anything new? If he's walked and/or crawled across a different kind of surface he might have a contact dermitis allergy.

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A rash 'after' a brief illness is usually roseola. My DD had it at about 13 months. The great thing is, roseola is like chicken pox - once you've had it, you're resistant to getting it again.

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sounds like roseola to me-very common after they have been sick.

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WOW.. This is the SAME thing our SON has!!! He had it for about 2 days we took him to the DR. His Ped had no idea what it was, they only thought VERY dry skin.

The Ped had us give him anti-itch med over the counter(sorry, can't think of the name) and rub Eurechin cream on him. We did that for 2 days and it did not get better as a matter of fact it got worse. We took him to the hosipital per our Ped. The ER doc stated it was exima (SP?) and gave him a shot of Steriods. That help him a lot and cleared up in a matter of hours. However 3 days later it came back.

It was all over his chest, legs, ears, everywhere. We took him back to his Ped and she prescribed Steriods and a anit itch liquid. It cleared up by that night.

We also had the Ped draw blood and we are having him tested for allergies, i.e. Milk, Eggs, etc.

I hope this helps others.

PS. I am not too happy about giving him Steriods, however, it is for a short time.

Jacks Dad

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