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boneladyDecember 29, 2006

I need to buy a Birthday Gift for a 2 year old girl. I don't have kids, so I don't know what's cool. Any ideas other than clothing?

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We got a few really good gifts this year for my 15 month old daughter and 19 month old neice. A really cute leopard print pilot case from Lillian Vernon, and the Little Touch LeapPad. It's like an interactive book with drool proof and tear resistant pages. So far it's been really enjoyed! Good luck! Christy

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I would just go to the store and see what they have for girls in that age range. There are so many things out there, you can spend hours, if not days, trying to find something specific while not even knowing if she wants it or already has it.

Make sure that the toy is age appropriate though...many toys are for age 3 and up due to choking hazards, so make sure the toy you pick is ok for a 2 year old/24 month old (but don't buy a baby toy).

I would also suggest you get and give a gift receipt in case they need to return it.

Bath toys, books, playdough sets are some ideas. And, "Dora the Exployer" stuff is pretty popular now, although she may still be a little young for Dora. "Fisher-Price Sweet Sounds Home" is another idea, or how about a DVD? What is your price range?

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Books (some they can "read" durrable, some to be read to them..where the wild things are, when you give a mouse a cookie series, those types of books), Little People sets, Chairs that are their size, Game I think it's called Elefant (Butterflies fly out of an elephants nose, I think it's for 2 years and up, but I could be wrong, could be for 3 and up).


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I say get books for the parent to read to the child. Nice books that they will have for a long time. Two of these would be a great gift. The kid might not jump for joy, but as a parent I would love this. Most kids don't need any toys. My nearly two year olds favorite toys are coloring books, electric toothbrushes and purses.

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I usually give books. There is a book I love called Owl Babies (Waddell). You can get it on Amazon. Amazon also has stuffed animals, and you could give the book with a stuffed owl.

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