I'm the last one....

KathsgrdnMarch 30, 2013

on dayshift from the old crew at work. All the other nurses have left now. There is only one nightshift RN left from when I started working there 10 years ago. Tonight we're having a retirement party for a nurse that retired a couple weeks ago. Hard to believe I worked with her over 10 years. Those years sure did fly by. It's kind of sad. I do like most of the new nurses. They're so smart and love our patients, so I'm glad for that.

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I was there the longest on my unit too. It is kind of sad to lose your working buddies.

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Toni S

Glad to hear that you like them! Working the floor is hard work.

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While Nita and Mike were visiting, we sat and chatted about old times on the KT - your name came up. We remember encouraging you as you were finishing nursing school - yes, time sure does fly!

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Yes, it is Heather.

Toni, you're right, I'm thinking of moving to Lexington so I can find a job in one of the clinics. It would be Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. I'm also tired of driving 30-50 minutes to and from work. Lauren went with me today to the party and before that we looked at new homes in the city.

Kayjones, I'm so glad I had you all back then, it was a rough time in my life.

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