Silgranit Prep Sink

grlwprlsFebruary 20, 2013

Got my countertops and biscuit silgranit sinks installed yesterday. This is my prep sink; our clean up sink is a super single on the other side of the kitchen with runnels (my 12 year old loves them!)

Still waiting on getting my door/drawer fronts back from the painter...and trying to find a work table after the one I ordered was a shocking disappointment in quality. My backsplash is going in the first week of March, with the new vent hood not far behind it. I am so ready for a serious curry cook-off. This house never had proper venting and that is the thing I think I am most excited about. Oh, and getting my range out of the corner.

(And yes, that is a brass faucet - still shiny, but uncoated - and a skirted sink. I'm trying to create a somewhat vintage look)

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Aaauuhhhh....that's my prep sink's beautiful twin sister! Fraternal, of course.

Love the sink base, but your marble is absolutely to diiiiiie for! Its nice to see a pic of a biscuit silgranit in marble. Yours will be a great example to post for others in the future who think silgranit is "fake" and doesn't go in a vintage-y kitchen. I'm really looking forward to seeing your cleanup sink and the rest of your yummy kitchen.

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It's BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see more.

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Psst...breezygirl. The countertop is....Corian. Witch Hazel. I value my daughter's help in the kitchen more than I wanted to micromanage a countertop, so I went with the Corian. I don't like the sound of granite (or how many wine glasses I break when I have it) and I figured quartz would generally be the same. My husband was dubious about the Corian, but he's been won over.

I was nervous about the sink because I had to cut my sink cabinet down in the field leaving me with a different (bigger) Silgranit sink that wouldn't fit in the sink base. This is smaller than I wanted, but my biggest All Clad pot still fits in it, so I'm over my initial concerns.

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Oh, I see that now! It's still beautiful! Yes, real stone is very loud. I wish Blanco made a slightly bigger sink than ours. I was hoping for one about 18" wide, but didn't want to go up from there to Blanco's next larger size.

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grlwpris, very nice. I've been looking at this Silgranit as a bar sink and your picture really shows how it might look.

How did your testing of the Corian Witch Hazel go pre-purchase? Did it stand up to the usual lemon, tomato, onion, olive oil, green veggie and cleaning products? If you don't mind answering, did Corian price about the same as the other man made or come in a bit less?

Your Silgranit and Witch Hazel Corian is very pretty. Definitely bookmarking. Thanks.

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Looks great! What size? Same compliment and question to you, breezy ...

Thanks for sharing. What a great look!

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SparklingWater, the Corian held up to everything fine. The only thing I wouldn't subject it to is heat.

I got my Corian through Home Depot and both my straight runs of countertop (with a basic eased edge and runnels by the main sink, two sink cut outs and 5 sink holes) came in at $2600. I know the kitchen shop's quartz (Cambria) quote was about $1200 more. The witch hazel is one of the highest price options. The difference in the quartz quote might be because I did elect to do a smaller countertop in walnut and IIRC, the quartz quote included that small countertop.

Chris401, I will have to look up which sink I have. All I know is that it will fit in a 21" sink base but I don't recall the sink's dimensions.

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Thanks, Chris! The prep sinks are the Blanco Performa "bar sinks". I'll link them below. The term "bar sink" can be misleading as sometimes the defintion means that it does not have the standard size drain set-up as a regular kitchen sink does. In this case, the Performa is standard sized. I will spare you the commentary of just how much I adore both my silgranit sinks. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Performa silgranit

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Thanks for the specifics grlwpris and breezygirl. The pantry beverage sink base will be 21". Glad to hear this about Corian Witch Hazel.

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I squeezed my sink into an 18" sink base, but my cabs were custom.

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Your sink and the Witch Hazel are beautiful. Looks like it's just...supposed to be together. :)

Is your sink adjacent to a wall of some sort of the left? If so, how is that working for you? I am debating something like that as one of two very imperfect options for my prep sink placement.

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When this was the position of my main sink, it was awful. As a prep sink, it's fine. I'd love a little more elbow room on that left side, but I was determined to improve my kitchen without changing the location of the utilities. The water actually comes out of the wing wall to the left rather than out from the exterior wall at the rear of the cabinets.

Eventually we'll have a work table in the center of the room which will probably eliminate all the issues with the lack of space beside the sink. I'll be able to get prep items out of the fridge and use the table as my landing spot.

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