What time for afternoon nap?

Adrienne_11December 9, 2001

My ds (17mo) was quite young when he moved to having only one nap. He is a very regular little guy and has slept well (except for being an early bird) for a long time. He wakes at night when he's sick or teething but otherwise sleeps fine.

Recently, he's been sleeping from about 7-7:30 bedtime til almost 7ish in the morning. He has one nap for exactly 1.5hr, around noon. This seems to work well, since he has the same amount of wake time before his nap, as he does after his nap.

When the nap moves to a true afternoon nap (1or2?) do toddlers still fall asleep well at night? Or should I continue to have an earlier nap since he goes to bed early?

Have any of you found that as your toddlers nap moved later in the afternoon, that their bedtime changed too?



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My daughter sleeps from about 8:30pm-8:30 am. Her nap time is around 1:30 or 2:00 now. It gradually got there, when she first dropped her am nap she'd go at 12-12:30.

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I normally put my two toddlers down for a nap right after lunch, and they normally sleep a good two hours. They have a 7:30-8 bedtime (my son insists on watching the Wheel of Fortune). I think a later afternoon nap works better for us (they used to nap around 11am) because the longer waketime in the morning playing just totally wears them out, so they take a better nap. They also sleep around 12 hours a night--except when sick.


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DS (turning 3 next month) has been napping at 12 for 2 hrs for.. well, ever. recently, he's started pushing naptime out further, closer to 1 or even later. Unless he sleeps past 4 (which almost never happens) he goes to bed between 8-9 and is tired. I was going to say "without a hitch", but that would be such a lie. :)

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Adrienne -- Our guys are about the same age; DS is 17.5mo (6/29/00). He went from 2 to 1 naps sometime over the summer, before his first birthday, and it was NOT fun.

He's settled into a great routine now, though. Bedtime is 8pm; he wakes up anywhere from 7 to 8; usually around 7:30. And he naps from 12:30 or 1 to 3 or 3:30. (Sometimes longer, too, though if he's at the sitter's & still asleep, she'll wake him up at 3:30. At home, I'll let him sleep until 4 if he needs it).

That doesn't answer your question though! I have found that if he gets down for his nap early -- closer to 12 than to 1 -- that he's tired earlier. If he doesn't go down until 1:30 or 2 he generally will still wake up about the same time (3 or 3:30) but then be crabby the rest of the day and fight at bedtime. So ... I'm planning on sticking with 1 o'clock for as long as he'll nap.

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Thanks everyone!


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