Thomas train toy exchange?

jamrineDecember 6, 2006

We are looking at a couple Thomas sets for our 2.5 year old enthusiast for Christmas. One issue is that two of the sets we would like to get come with Percy (one of the engines), and there is a promotion for a free Percy limited addition. My son already has Percy, and obviously doesn't need 4. For the prices these engines go for, I thought there might be an exchange site out there for trading engines and cars and such. Anyone know of such a thing? As popular as these toys are, it seems to make a lot of sense, but Google has found nothing for me so far (hard to weed through the commercial sites when you put "Thomas Train" in the search line).



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I don't know of any exchange groups. Selling on E-Bay might be an option.

DS#1 has the wooden Thomas stuff. We've found that two of a kind is good sometimes when we have company over or a younger sibling wants to play. Extras would also make a nice gift for another little boy.

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