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adamsmommyDecember 10, 2009

My son is 18 months old, I have read that he needs approximately 11 1/4 hours sleep at night and 2 1/4 during the day. He generally gets slightly less than this but seems to do OK. I am going back to work in a few days and am trying to adjust his schedule to fit my work hours. I will be getting off between 8 and 9 pm, by the time I pick him up and get him home this would be considerably past his current bedtime. He currently takes only one nap a day, I would like to start having him take an afternoon nap also so that he will stay up later to accomodate the late hour I will be picking him up. Is this going to harm him to break up his sleep this way? He will still get approximately 9 hours continuous sleep at night and make up the rest with the extra nap. Is this going to be the same?

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Who do you have watching him when you go back to work? Could they get him ready for bed and put him down at his regular time. Would he doze in the car and go back to sleep again when you get home. Some kids do and others won't.

The problem with changing his bedtime to later is that you will have to change it back again when he goes to school.

I would however change his morning nap to an afternoon one by moving it back gradually. Perhaps with just a quiet mommy and me time mid morning to get him over the hump.

He may sleep longer in the afternoon if he needs the rest and that would help with the sleep disturbance at night.

I wouldn't worry if he doesn't get the requisit number of hour you stated. That is just a guideline. Some kids need that much sleep and others don't. Every child is an individual and as long as he's having a nap in the day. he will manage fine.

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His schedule will get all out of whack if I have his dad put him to bed for a while, then wake him up to go home. He doesn't stay asleep once you take him out of the car seat. I guess I will just try my new schedule and see how he does. I'd like to have at least 15 mins at night when I get home from work to cuddle and talk to him. I am having a hard time with the idea of someone else putting him to bed. I have to cherish the limited time I have with him everyday.

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His schedule is going to be out of whack no matter how you do it and your husband is going to have one cranky kid on his hands from his normal bedtime until you pick him up. Going from morning nap until that time of night is too long for a child that age. If you could get him to take an afternoon nap it might be Ok.

Oh yes your husband gets to put him to bed too, but don't you see that no one is putting him to bed for the night, but you. When he wakes up when you take him from the car seat and you get him inside, you can have that quiet time with him and lull him back to sleep. The whole process will be much easier on all of you if your husband puts him in his jammies, and he gets a little sleep before you pick him up.

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