Reward system?

emmhipDecember 20, 2005

Does anyone have an effective reward system/chore chart, or any ideas that could apply to a 3 1/2 year old? I think my DD could really benefit from a little more structure. My DH is much better at disipline than I am and I am wondering what tools have worked for the rest of you. Lately DD has been having temper tantrums, and can be extremely stubborn. Any ideas??? Sometimes it is very difficult to get her to listen and follow basic instructions like getting ready in the morning. I would much rather find ways to reward her for her good behavior than be constantly threatening to take things away.

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At 3 1/2 your approval is the best reward you could ever think of. Children that age want your approval more than anything.
As for the temper tantrums....ig nore them....isolate her when she goes into a screaming fit. Walk away and tell her you have a hug for her when she is through acting like that......then do it!
Linda C

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That is the most on target advice ! Well done Linda.

Yes, ignore bad behavior completely and the moment you see the desired behavior, reward it. The best way is to say and show it. "What a fantastic job picking up your toys!" "Nice way to keep those feet on the floor". "All right! You held my hand." Hugs, kisses, pats on the back, anything they love.

If it is an especially difficult undesirable behavior to extinguish, you could hammer away at it with words, actions and tangible items such as stickers or reinforcing toys they love, but it's best saved for when the above route hasn't worked with some effort.

Good luck!

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