My 16 month old FINALLY got his front bottom teeth!!!!

wicky24December 31, 2001

He finally got them. I thought for sure he was born without the front bottom teeth. What a great relief! He got his very first tooth 2 weeks after his first birthday and that was his top eye tooth. Very weird, but I'm so happy. Thank you for letting me express my joy. None of my family seems to be as happy as me. Oh well. Thanks!

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I know how you feel. My dd was 16 months old before she got ANY teeth and her first were her molars!! Go figure. My cousin's daughter was the same way. Must be genetic. I've been told that in some cases the longer they take to come in the healthier the teeth. That remains to be seen.
Jump for joy all you want, I remember the feeling well.

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Boy, was I glad to see this posting! My son is almost one and absolutely no sign of teeth yet. So, I suppose we don't have to worry whether God had forgotten that small detail, LOL!

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That is great news! It is amazing how we mothers get so upset over developmental stuff, and then when it does finally happen it's like geez, why was I worrying?! (LOL)

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I love what one pediatrician/author said when a mother expressed her concern about late-arriving baby teeth: "What do you want me to do--go in and get them?" Aren't we funny?

My daughter was the last in her grade-school class to lose a baby tooth--it didn't happen until the summer after first grade. In fact, in first grade (on parent-observation day), she got an answer wrong during an exercise in estimation: "how long does it take your new tooth to come in? 2 months, or 2 days?" She said 2 days--she'd never been through it, and probably hadn't paid attention to the kids around her.

I've been told that sometimes (not always) there's a correlation between late-arriving baby teeth and late-to-fall-out baby teeth. It's true in her case.

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