Allergies? Sensitive Skin?

beanerDecember 19, 2001


My baby has little bumps on her upper body, mainly her back and now her chest & stomach. She is 7 months old so it is not the type of bumps found in a newborn. I'm wondering if she has sensitive skin. They seem to be spreading. They almost appear to look like water blisters in some areas. We use Dreft and today I tried a new soap on her. I used the Aveeno baby wash. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'll probably give the doctor a call tomorrow (they are off on Wed) but just looking for info from any of you moms out there.



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We had a similiar experience last year...Shortly after these popped up my son became ill with a flu like virus (very congested, fever etc.) From what the dr. said the virus first manifested itself as a skin irritation. Not saying that is what your daughter has. There is one thing about skin irritations. You never really know what causes them!

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Our daughter (now 14 months) had the same problem. Both her father and I have/had food allergies and sensitive skin. So we had three different rashes. All looked the same - tiny, red bumps. The first I attributed to her bath products. She was using Mustela. I switched to Aveeno products and also found a brand called "Pure Baby" which makes an eczema therapy bubble bath and a moisture cream. As soon as she gets out of the bath I put on her Aveeno Baby Lotion and the rash went away. At six months she had peas for the first time and broke out in a rash, we stopped peas and went back to rice cereal only and the rash went away. At about seven months she developed a bumpy rash and had cold and flu like symptoms and our ped. also thought that it might be a virus just like imdymom9901 had. It eventually went away, but it took awhile. She hasn't had a problem since. Good Luck

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