Appropriate primer/paint for blocking mildew

artemis78August 29, 2010

We have mildew problems in our bathroom, and will be priming and repainting with mildew-resistant paint. I'm wondering about appropriate paints and primers for this, and hope someone can help!

Our basement is full of miscellaneous paints left by the previous owner, who had the house painted before she sold it. Among them is Zinsser stain-block primer. Is this a primer that would also be appropriate for added mildew resistance, or do I need to buy a mildew-specific product? (We'd love to use up paints we already have if possible!)

On the paint note, the bathroom is currently painted in BM standard interior paint (can't remember what it's called, but their basic latex wall paint in a flat finish). Our kitchen and bathroom are the same color, and we have extra paint for the kitchen that matches, but it's BM Satin Impervo oil-based in an eggshell finish, which has been great for wiping down splashes in the kitchen. Would this paint likely be more moisture/mildew resistant than the standard wall paint? (We're considering painting the area around the shower in the Satin Impervo and then just leaving the other two walls alone, since they don't have moisture issues and the paint's in good shape---so then the color would match, but the finish would be slightly different. And we wouldn't need to buy any new, we're about the redo the kitchen and paint it another color, so we won't need the extra for anything else anyway). Will this look bizarre?

Ideas? Or should we be looking for the mildew-specific paints that are out there? (Oh, and yes, the bathroom is vented with a newish fan that has ample CFMs for the room size, but it is apparently not sufficient to keep the moisture at bay with two back-to-back showers!)

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Stain blocking primers will do nothing to mildew. Mildew is a fungus I believe, which means that it is alive and needs to be killed before you paint over it. You can do this with bleach. You can buy some of Zinnsers Perma White bathroom paint, which has a mildewcide additive, or you can buy small packets of mildewcide and add it to the washable paint of your choice. I wouldn't use oil based anything if you can avoid it because mildew grows better on top of an oil based paint film. I wouldn't worry about adding mildewcide to the primer either....only the topcoat is what matters here. Don't choose a flat paint either if you are having issues with mildew....moisture will penetrate into the flat paint which you really don't want. You want the moisture to sit on top of the paint film so that it can dry off or be wiped away. 100 percent acrylic washable paints (eggshell, semi-gloss, satin, etc) are the ticket for all surfaces in a high moisture environment. You may be able to get away with painting the ceiling flat if the ceiling is high enough so no water hits it and if your fan is good enough, but usually something washable is best just to be safe.

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Hi there!

So is there a really good line of paint that offers mildew-resistant primer/paint, or would any do?

I am installing v-groove or beadboard paneling on my bathroom walls and I wanted to prime them with a mildew-resistant primer and then paint with a semi-gloss paint.

Should I use a mildew-resistant primer AND paint?

Thanks so much!!


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I can't speak to wood paneling specifically, but this is my long-ago thread--we ended up cleaning with bleach and then painting with Zinsser 1-2-3 followed by Benjamin Moore Bath & Spa paint (which is satin finish I think, and has mildewcide mixed into it). So far, so good. For whatever it's worth, the room we had mildew issues in also had wood trim painted in semi-gloss, and we never had problems with mildew on the wood--just on the plaster. Good luck!

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Hi artemis78,

Thank you very much for your kind reply :) This is our first home and first bathroom reno, so we will see how it goes :)


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Aura Bath & Spa is a mildew resistant paint. But you have to correct the environment to get rid of mold and mildew. Those spores are everywhere. They will continue to grow if you continue to have a moisture problem.

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Hi snookums2!

We just moved into the house and I honestly don't know if the prev owner had moisture problems before, but the walls were tiled.

We ripped everything off and now it is at the studs. I want to put v-groove or beadboard panels from floor to ceiling on my walls (tiles on the walls in the shower part obviously). We got a 110CFM fan, but I do like hot showers.

Would putting the Aura Bath&Spa mildew-resistant primer and paint work to keep mildew from forming on the wall panels?



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It is supposed to be resistant but I don't know that it would stop it from ever occurring.

With the walls open, I would disinfect. Here is what is supposed to be a good non-toxic biocide. Also make sure you don't have drafts in the construction causing condensation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sniper

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