Oil based Primer for interior doors

anjulAugust 14, 2011

Our house was built in 1940's, and the interior several layers on paint on them. I think the last time the house was painted was over 10 years ago. We're planning to paint the inside with all Dunn Edwards paint. We're supplying all the paint and primers.

Suprema flat for the walls

Evershield semigloss for the bathroom, kitchen walls, and doors, trim.

The painter said that the old paint on the doors is oil based, and he suggests using oil based primer. From what I read, if probably sanded, Bulls Eye 123 should work. I figure if he wants to do the extra work and has the know how for the oil based primer, I'll be happy to supply.

I live in Calif, so not sure what would be available, but what would you recommend?

Also, I have an addition with Douglas Fir ceiling and casings, which product should I use for clear coat? The painter suggests that I buy water based.

He also mentioned for the wall, with flat on flat, he would only spot prime. Is Bulls Eye 123 OK for this method?

I would appreciate any advice.



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I would be okay with using the Zinnser 123 (the latex version) to prime oil based trim. If you are painting flat over flat on the walls, there really is no reason to spot prime. In fact, it is really not recommended because those spot primed areas could flash through the flat paint layer. If you really want to spot prime, then use the flat paint itself, not an actual primer. I still haven't found a water based clear coat that I like. You need to apply 3-5 coats with sanding in between to get the wood smooth and I only want to apply two coats and be done. So, this depends on how picky you are and how much time you want to spend sanding and applying successive coats. I prefer and oil based sanding sealer followed by a coat of oil based poly or varnish.

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Thank you for your response.

I will definitely use the 123 and make sure that the painter sands all the doors. The Zinsser website shows the 123 and 123 plus, both acrylic based. I've only seen and bought the regular 123. I'm not sure which one is the latex version.

I actually bought some Defthane for the clear coat, but the painter thinks that oil based clear coat would make the wood yellow over time, with a bubbly or porous appearance. Do you have a brand for the sanding sealer and oil base poly that you like?

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Yea when I say latex version, I really mean acrylic. Oil based poly will yellow over time it's true. I like Minwax.

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