Potty training problems

kiahlizDecember 31, 2005

My 2 1/2yr old son has shown an interest in 'going potty like daddy' but he finds it more interesting to take his potty apart and use it as stool instead. We have sat him down and showed him that it is supposed to be a potty but he continues to say "Not my potty my steps" We have even tried to put the seat part on the 'big potty' but he won't even try to use it. He will sometimes sit on the real toilet without the seat but I'm afraid he will fall in or get hurt, and he's to small to stand up because he won't use the stool he insists that's for brushing his teeth.

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If he insists on using the potty as steps and you see that it's dangerous, lose the potty for awhile. You can buy a padded seat, I think from Graco and about $10, to go over the toilet seat. It has handles and the padded part can be popped out for washing. Just let him sit and he'll probably decide to stand on his own one day. And if there's no potty, just a stool, guess what he'll decide to use! LOL

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I had the same problem with my son and I bought him one of the padded seats also and he used it all the time, he was actually scared of the other potty seat. I would buy him one of thoes, he will probley use it and also buy him a plastic stool so he can climb up to it on his own.

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If her won't use one stool to stand on....get another...or use 2 bricks...or a couple of slabs of wood....I't doesn't have to be very tall to get his working parts over the rim of the toilet...
And get a seat that fits over the big toilet.
Also try sprinkling a bit of confetty into the toilet....so he can sink it....then flush it away.
I never could understand why parents bought an extra potty chair when eventually the child has to learn to use the real facilities?...What do you do when you are out? Take a potty chair every where?
Linda C

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I saw at Target that they have toilet seats with 2 sizes in one. Big hole for big "kids" and another "layer" with a much smaller hole for the little kids. Rather interesting.
Kathy G in MI

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