Painting Problem! (Pictures)

celiaanneAugust 17, 2010

Trying this post again.....

We have just put on the first coat of paint (following all the steps listed below and on a previous thread), and we are having a real "tacky/sticking" problem. We are using Valspar eggshell, which we have used in several other rooms with no problems, although it does feel really soft for quite a while after application.

When I go over the same spot twice (just normal blending) the roller is pulling the paint off -- or clumping it together -- not sure how to best describe it. It sometimes happens on the first roll, but usually it's on the second time over the same spot.

We will be applying a second coat, but I am wondering what we can do to fix the spots that are still rough (sand?). Is there something we can do to prevent this happening again? What can be causing it? I'm going to attempt to attach a picture...

Thank you very much for any advice. I don't think this project is EVER going to end  or end well!

What I did (as on another thread):

1. Removed wallpaper using Diff -- some of the drywall "paper" came off with the wallpaper.

2. Thoroughly washed down the walls getting as much glue off as possible.

3. Applied a coat of GARDZ (after allowing the walls to dry thoroughly)

4. Used joint compound to repair any wall surface damaged by the removal

5. Used spackling compound to repair nail holes, etc.

6. Sanded the areas where I use the joint and spackling compounds

7. Reapplied GARDZ where I've sanded.

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting Problem

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My first inclination is that your paint is "pulling" due to joint compound dust on the wall. I would have reapplied GARDZ or actually another primer on the entire wall (not just spots), but only AFTER wiping it all down with a damp microfiber cloth.
Can you take a dark cloth and wipe the unpainted wall area to see if any dust comes off?

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Hi, art_teacher. Thanks for the reply. My husband insists he thoroughly wiped off the joint compound (and spackling) dust. Actually, this room (the bedroom) had very little patching (unlike the bathroom, which had a LOT), so i don't think that is the problem. "Pulling" is a good word for what is happening.

I was just looking over the walls, and the paint seems to be pretty hard now, so I am hoping the second coat goes a little better.

Would love to know what is causing this as we still have 2 more rooms to go.

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If your hubby promises he wiped the walls, I guess we'll let him off the hook. :)
If I were you, I might go get a sample of another brand (Behr and Sherwin Williams sell small samples) just to make absolutely sure it's NOT the paint.
Is the AC on? It's not 100 degrees in there and humid, is it?

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He swears! :) There really wasn't much sanding necessary in this room, and some of the worst pulling was in areas where there was no spacking/compound at all.

Yes. The A/C is on, and the room is cool, but that's exactly what it seems like -- that there is too much humidity in the room.
We're gong to do our second coat today..... If this happens again, I'm going to investigate the paint itself. Crossing my fingers.

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you say you used the Valspar in other rooms....was it the same exact gallon of paint or is this a fresh gallon in this room..maybe you have a bad gallon. If that was a fresh gallon used, take it back and exchange it then try again...

The only time I experienced this sort of thing is after I removed wallpaper once and did not get all the glue off the wall.

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andrelaplume2. It was a new gallon. The second coat seemed to go on okay.

As for the glue, the room was washed down several times (after scraping the bulk of the glue) and then we primed it with Gardz, which is supposed to seal in any residual glue... I thought we had followed all the rules..... Painting is not my favorite thing to do. I actually enjoy hanging wallpaper, but I will N E V E R do it again!

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I used TSP to wash my walls down then washed it twice again with regular water to make sure the tsp was off.

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