painting gone wrong..........HELP!

dixiedollAugust 17, 2010

I pulled a home out of foreclosure and plan to rent it.

I contracted with a rental company to paint the interior. Upon inspection their painter has not been very neat and I have found latex paint on my pine paneled cabinets.

Please advise me as to how I might get this paint off. It is mainly down the sides and at the top where he did not use tape. How can I do this without marring the finish drastically?

I am going to try this myself rather than the painter as he created my problem. He even painted over

an outlet cover and all door hinges rather than remove them. He just didn't care one way or the other.

If you can offer help I'd greatly appreciate it.


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You can remove latex paint with denatured alcohol the fastest or with rubbing alcohol or with water, though water will take a bit longer. If the cabinets are finished with a shellac, alcohol will remove that finish so do some testing first. If the cabinets are finished with a poly or lacquer, the alcohol will not affect the finish. For areas that are butted up against the wall, I will soak a small thin rag in alcohol and then wrap the rag around a putty knife and carefully use that to wipe the paint away. You will notice that if you saturated the paint first, it will be easier to remove than if you just try to scrub it off.

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As for hinges & switchplate-covers, screws, pins...

If you can, take them off & "boil them!". Just leave-'em in hot water for a few hours. Paint should then basically "fall off", or be easily pulled off.


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