Christmas toy wrapping

cfosscpaDecember 11, 2002

Taking a survey. My daughter is 21 months. Wrapped every toy last year, thinking she'd enjoy tearing the paper off. She didn't. Could have cared less. She received a few wrapped gifts this past month, and also didn't care about the wrapping, just what's in them. Friends tell me that wrapping and boxes are supposedly more fun. So, before I spend time wrapping every toy, rather than just putting them under the tree, tell me what you do.

Do you wrap all, some or no toys? Does the age of the child matter? What works for you?

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You might try putting the gifts into gift bags instead of wrapping them. That is probably more fun. My ds was 2 on his last birthday and didn't enjoy unwrapping either. He likes to dump things out so the bags worked best for him.

Also, you might remove anything that comes in a display box before putting in a gift sack or just placing under the tree. My ds hates for anyone to mess with his stuff even if it is just removing the twist ties that keep it in the package.

DS is now 2 1/2 yo. He tried to unwrap his daddy's presents yesterday so I'm going to go ahead and wrap his stuff this year. My dh wants the gifts from "Santa" to be unwrapped so we'll just place them under the tree after the kids go to bed.

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Last Xmas my daughter was 15 mo; she couldn't be bothered with wrapped gifts. At her 2nd bday party; I think she enjoyed the giftbags more, but also enjoyed ripping the paper off. She's 27 mo, so I think I'm going to go with wrapping, loosely, so it's easier for her to rip.
I'm definitely going to get rid of those darn twist ties ahead of time!

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My son is 17 mos old and he just learned the other night at a family members house about opening them, I now can't keep him away from the ones under the tree. If your daughter doesn't seem interested just wrap one or two and leave the rest under the tree for her to find. As she gets older it'll be more fun for her to unwrap them.

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Thanks for all the advice. We went with gift bags with 1 piece of tissue on top, just a few gift bags, and maybe 2 or 3 wrapped gifts, and of course large items just got left out with a bow. And all toys were in "ready to play" mode (all packaging removed). It went well, but not spectacular. About half way through, she started getting excited about taking off the tissue and dumping the bag. She had to be prodded toward the boxes and wrapped gifts. Very glad I didn't spend unnecessary time wrapping when I don't think it would have added to dear daughter's Christmas morning.

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