529 child investments, best state?

Nicholas EDecember 6, 2001

What state has the best 529 college investment plan? My understanding is that several can be used in different states. We live in NC. Our 11 moth old Tierney has birth money still sitting in a money market account.

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Money Magazine did a review not too terribly long ago about the 529 plans. I'm sorry I don't remember all of the ones they rated highly, but I do remember that the Missouri plan was one of the top 5. (I remember because I live in Missouri and it has the added benefit for me of being deductible from my state income taxes). I'd suggest doing a search on-line or at the library to find the full review in Money mag.

No matter which state you live in, you can participate in any state's 529 plan. The differences will be in the amount of fees and/or commissions they charge and on how well the money manager actually performs. But if your state collects income taxes and your state's 529 plan is deductible on your state return, that may tip the scales in their favor.

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If your state has a plan, it is generally the best choice because you can deduct your contributions from you State income tax, and your capital gains are not subject to state tax.

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there is a web site that compares them all side by side but i don't know the exact site. do a search on google

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