Pregnant with #2!

ktzmomDecember 12, 2001

It has just sunk in...I am pregnant again. DD #1 is 14 months old and I just can't imagine going back to work after #2 is born.

DH and I were trying so it's not a surprise, but it's kinda shocking that it happened so quickly! I'm excited, scared, nervous,

Is there really room for 2? (I know there is, I just can't imagine splitting my time up for two--I'm so used to dedicating myself to one! :)

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Congratulations on #2...I share your thoughts exactly! DH and I are trying for #2 at the moment and the thought of looking after 2 is quite scary, but hey, we're not the first to do this - my mother's generation raised 4 or 5 kids - now that's scary!! Good luck, you'll be fine, there really is room for 2 (or more!) Remember we're 9 months pregnant to get used to the idea, and think back to when you found out you were pregnant with #1 - did you think how would you go with a BABY??? I know I did but now I can't think of life without her - she just seems to be a natural part of mine, as I hope #2 will be!!

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I had my second son when my 1st was 23 mths. I had wanted another baby the instant my 1st grew up so fast, I missed those tiny little fingers and toes : )

I had all kinds of scary, nervous, fearful emotions, mixed in with the joy, of course. At one point, I was thinking, "What did I get myself into????" For one thing, when you're pregnant, you're body just goes hormonal and every emotion is amplified, hee, hee. I have to remind myself to not to take my emotions too seriously when I'm pregnant or just after giving birth. I have to remind my husband, too, the poor guy, I've been pregnant thru most of our marriage, it seems!

I think the hardest part of having my second was the pregnancy. I got very sick and very tired and it was hard to care for my 1st when all I wanted to do was sleep. I let the housework go and felt it was a major accomplishment if I got one thing done during the day, like just one load of laundry. My husband was very supportive and would often bring home dinner. I spent a lot of time on the sofa taking cat naps as my son toddled all over me. I felt bad not being the perfect mom to him at the time, but he was happy jumping on me and using me as a freeway for his cars.

After the 2nd was born, I was in sure PANIC of how to take care of my crew. The logistics of just going to the grocery store to get milk frightened me. I was outnumnered!! The panic was a normal reaction, it is a challenge to have 2 little ones. Day by day, tho everything got easier, as each one becomes more and more independent and mom gets tougher and wiser, lol.

Actually, having the 2nd baby is easier than the first. You aren't so scared or worried about every little thing that happens to you while pregnant. (I thought for sure in my prego-brain, that my first was surely starving to death during my first pregnancy, lol.) And you have most of the supplies you'll need for the new baby, and what works and what doesn't. Plus, you have all that wisdom and experience in taking care of a newborn. Those exploding diapers don't take you for a loop and even the cries and colic don't worry you as much.

There's plenty of love in a mom for 2, that's for sure. I went thru the worry of how I was going to love or treat the toddler versus the baby and all that, plus love my husband besides. Don't know why I wasted time on those thoughts as I have oodles of love for all the guys in my life. I think a women's heart grows and grows with each new child born to her.

My boys are very close, even tho the baby can't really play with his big brother yet. The older is all over me when I'm feeding, changing, playing with the baby and he's so helpful in getting diapers and playing his "big brother" role. He also has adopted a big teddy bear, which he puts down for naps or gives a ride in the baby swing, and even breast feeds, lol! He's preparing for when he becomes a dad, I guess, hee, hee.

You'll get tired, that's for sure, after a long day of caring for 2 young ones. But it's worth it! I get a Mother's Day present every morning when I get the boys up, their smiles and laughs melt my heart every morn.

Congrats again! And take care of yourself!

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I know how you feel. I had my daughter 20 months after my son was born. While I was pregnant, thoughts of how could I share my love with another child and am I depriving my son of my attentions floated around my head once in a while. Then, the day came that my baby girl was born. Just one look and I realized how special each child is. They will have different personalities, traits, characteristics. You will love them both equally, and they will love each other. It's funny how this works. My son is now 3 and my daughter is 17 mos. They play nicely together. My son protects her from the "overly aggressive" children at the playground. He shares his toys and cookies with her and she smiles in delight everytime she sees him. Congrats, enjoy your pregnancy.

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