Bed Wetting

june_2007December 7, 2008

Our 8 year old grand daughter still wets the bed at night. She was fully potty trained at 18 months, but started wetting at night at about 3 years old.

This is a child whose parents are divorced. Both parents have 50/50 custody. My son has his kids 1 week, then the X wife has them 1 week.

When she is with us for our son's week, we put her in Pull Ups. The reason for this is, she is a VERY heavy sleeper and doesn't wake up to use bathroom. The next morning she and the bed were drenched. Luckily we had plastic mattress covers on her bed.

Now for the problem! Her mother doesn't use Pull Ups. Her mothers whole house smells like PEE. It burns your eyes when she opens the front door. Now she tells the child not to let us use Pull Ups, and that is causes a bladder infection. The child crys now at bed time because she is afraid to put on the Pull Ups.

Do the Pull Ups cause bladder infection? I will not stop using them because I don't like for the house to smell like that, and I don't think living with that smell is healthy. What do you think?

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Use the Pull Ups. I remember Ann Landers recommended the Wee Wetter from the Sears Catalog. Our kids wet the bed late because they were deep sleepers too. That thing really works. Our daughter was cured in one night. It is a foil covered thin sheet of cardboard that is connected by wires to a dry cell battery. When a drop of water hits it, a loud buzzer goes off. We tried it before first using it so the child in question could see how it works. Just once did it. I do hope Sears still sells that in its catalog, but you could Google it to find it.

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I used to wet the bed when I was young..... I heard some people who do it end up murders..../seral killers- honestly its one of the signs they watch for.

If kid shows any violence or cruel acts towards animals as well as wets the bed get professional help, right away.

On a lighter note, perhaps something scary/bad has happened, and you need to talk with her about it.

Hope all goes well.

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Actually, late bed wetting runs in families. These kids are deep sleepers. Google bed wetting alarms.

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so runswalken are you a serial killer.ive never heard such rubbish in my life.
Id check out the bed wetting alarms too,

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No... but its "a sign" Doesn't mean its going to happen.... just something to watch for.

Eating lots of red meat is " a sign" that you may get heart disease.. it doesn't mean you WILL get heart disease. Its only when you put it all together with Anti social behavior,cruelty to animals, that it ( bed wetting) becomes an issue

An alarm sounds good.

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The serial murderer theory is one of the Terrible Triad. Supposedly 60% of serial killers wet the bed PAST THE AGE OF 12. Obviously doesn't apply in this case.

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Past the age of 12... okay, thats pretty.. out there!

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