Valspar Exotic Sea

raforAugust 27, 2011

Had 4 ugly old rusty and white metal folding chairs that the previous owners left in our house. Painted them a pretty turquoise. See for yourself:

Ignore the color difference due to the sun. The chairs are actually the color on the seat!

They actually look much worse in real life :)

Now they are gorgeous!

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ohh...i like that!!!
i love turquoise :)
our landlord gave us some of these, from the property across the street. as much as i love painting, i didn't think for one second to just coat them and use them!!

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Well I like them, you did a great job.

Maybe Trash to Treasure forum would like them too.

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Great idea and what an improvement. I just used almost the same color on a metal garden chair.

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Marlene Kindred

WOWZER!! LOVE that color! Those turned out brand new! Great job and TFS!

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Very pretty. Good recycling.


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Great save on those chairs! That color will really pop in the garden too.

I lurk on this Forum but unfortunately my only painting talent IS in a spray can. LOL. I envy those who are so artistic and love seeing what they create.


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Beautiful! How did you prep them?

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I don't know what I would do without spray paint!
Great color!

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Love the color & the chairs are so handy in house & around yard for guests or just taking out to sit in. What color is it? And what company? Reason I'm asking is I bought a cute little tractor seat thing that you are supposed to sit on & garden but I want to set a plant on it, I couldn't find that color & that is about what it was before it faded out! Is that the color-Valspar Exotic Sea? I just looked at title of post again, who has that paint-never heard of it! Jan

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raro: no prep other then to dust them off. One had a rusty drip down the seat that was a little rough, so I hit it with a sanding block.

sunnyca: yes that's the name. Valspar is a Lowe's brand. I read somewhere else that they can even match the spray paint exactly with their other regular paint. This was the gloss finish spray paint. I had been looking around for an interesting eye-catching color but didn't have any luck until I found this one.

After painting the chairs I thought I should have my 13 year old Miata painted the same color!!!!

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I used that same Exotic Sea color on my wicker furniture. Absolutely beautiful. Only problem is I can not find the color to do a bit of touchup. Lowes and Home Depot said it was a discontinued color. So, if you love the color be sure you buy all the paint you need because there will not be any more at the big box stores.

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